Lance Reddick Talks Farzar, Resident Evil, and Voice Acting

ComingSoon spoke with Farzar star Lance Reddick on his role in Netflix’s new adult animated comedy series, seeing its release so close to demonic residentand what he likes about voice acting.

“The selfish human warrior Renzo liberated the planet Farzar from the evil alien Bazarack, and then established a human settlement under a huge dome, becoming the Tsar of Farzar,” the synopsis explains. “Years later, Farzar is attacked by evil aliens once again and Renzo’s well-intentioned and not-so-intelligent son, Prince Token, ventures out with his special crew ‘SHAT’ (Special Hostile Assault Team!), comprised of a human-soldier-turned-cyborg (Scootie), feuding conjoined twins (Val and Mal), a deranged scientist (Barry Barris), a highly incompetent mutant (Billy), and a mischievous little alien known as chaos-celot. (zobo). As they begin their journey to fight aliens who want to kill/eat them, Tabel quickly discovers that all is not what it seems and that he may be living a lie.”

Tyler Treese: Renzo is a very funny character. He is this total subversion of the generic ’80s cartoon hero. He is very hell-bent on keeping the throne and is very manipulative. What was the biggest thrill just playing his character?

lance reddick: Being able to be absolutely crazy. I’m going to be a bit of a geek now. The second pilot star trek, William Shatner’s pilot, I remember having this line, because this section of space they go through turns people who have high ESP ratings into godlike beings. So he says to the doctor: “You know the ugly and wild things that we all keep buried, that none of us dare to expose, but he will dare. Who is going to stop it? That’s what I feel for Renzo. He doesn’t have to care, who’s going to stop him? Well, except for the Flammy Queen.

July is the type of your month. Resident Evil also comes out. How wild is it? You know, having these two great Netflix shows coming out at the same time

It’s surreal, it’s mind-boggling, and the week has been so crazy because of the hype that it’s hard for me… I haven’t slowed down enough to be scared. That is something good.

How would you compare your Renzo and Wesker characters? They are not your typical heroes.

I love how different they are and how the thing about Wesker, at least the Wesker on our show, is you start thinking he’s one thing and then you find out he’s another. It happens a bit with Renzo, only you discover that he has some humanity. Because you find out that he really cares about his son.

You’ve done some great voice work in the past, like Sylens in the Horizon games. So what do you find most satisfying about working in dubbing and having the freedom to do these different kinds of roles that you might not do in live action?

It’s interesting because Sylens, I think, is the kind of character I could play live.

The other thing is that it’s kind of a different animal to talk about pure animation versus video games because even though, technically it’s similar in the sense that you’re generally recording your lines yourself and you’re just doing your lines, but doing a show like this, you have the opportunity to read the script beforehand. So you actually have some context, whereas most of the time in video games, you trust the director so much because you have almost no context. As if they had to give you that while you’re recording. So those are the two differences for me.

But as far as the differences between what I do in live action and what I do in animation, I mean, I’ve been very lucky, especially in the last 10 years, and I’ve been able to do so many different kinds of things both voiceover and live action. I’ve just been lucky.

Farzar It is now streaming on Netflix.


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