All new mobs in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

All new mobs in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

Minecraft 1.19 has further expanded the game as we know it, and millions of players have enjoyed the new content with great delight. Now it’s time to take an in-depth look at the big stars of the Wild Update. The final list of all new Minecraft mobs in 1.19 may be short (rest in peace, fireflies), but we want to share as many details about these critters as possible!



We start with tadpoles, which are the baby version of frogs. As a fun fact, unlike other baby versions of all passive mobs, tadpoles are treated as completely separate mobs.

Unlike the other new mobs in Minecraft, they will not spawn naturally. These beauties come out of the frog spawn and will turn into frogs in 20 minutes, a process you can speed up by feeding them slime balls. No, you will not be able to get Frogspawn when it is broken, even if you use a tool with Silk Touch.

You can carry tadpoles in buckets of water, as can some aquatic mobs like Axolotls and Fish. This is particularly useful if you want to breed the frog variants, as you have to place them in different biomes to get the variants. Don’t place them on land though, as they will panic and find the nearest water source.

As seen in the snapshots above, tadpoles will panic near salamanders as these beautiful critters will hunt nearby tadpoles and frogs. Tadpoles have only 6 health or 3 hearts, about as much as a parrot or bat. We do not suggest killing the tadpoles as they will not drop any loot or XP. Plus, they’re too cute!

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While it is true that the Mangrove Swamp biome includes several blocks and items with great potential, it is possible that the frogs have been the center of attention.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find groups of two to five frogs in any swamp or mangrove swamp biome hopping around and occasionally croaking and inflating their vocal sacs. They will always try to jump on lily pads and large dripping leaves. If placed on land, a frog will find a way to the nearest water tile.

The frogs only become aggressive against small slimes. Just like their real-life counterparts, they’ll use their tongues to scoop balls of slime into their mouths, instantly making the mob disappear.

Of course, expect them to jump very high – up to 8 blocks high, to be more precise! Compared to other mobs, they take much less fall damage, but cannot jump on top of honey blocks.

We hope you’re not planning on killing these innocent creatures to level up, as they only drop 1-3 XP.

Breeding and frog variants in Minecraft

If you want to breed frogs, you will need to feed them balls of slime so that one of them gets pregnant. The pregnant frog will lay frog eggs on top of a tile of water with air above, from which tadpoles will eventually spawn.

The default type, whose design is based on a real-life frog native to Africa (more specifically, the gray mist of the foam nest tree), is not the only type of frog available. The game also includes a warm and temperate variant, depending on the biome the tadpole grows in.

There’s even an achievement called When the Squad Jumps into Town when you get every frog variant on a leader. They’re also a requirement for the Two By Two achievement, so make sure you find a frog in the wild with some slime balls in your inventory!


Next on our list with Minecraft update 1.19 mobs is Allay, the winner of the Minecraft Live 2021 vote. They have a natural health regeneration of 2 hearts per second and have 20 hearts in total.

You’ll find these cute little creatures spawning in cages next to raider outposts and inside the jail cells of Woodland mansions, meaning you’ll need to be fully prepared to take on the raiders first.

They resemble the Vex spawned by the Evoker, but unlike these foul creatures, the Allay are a passive mob. Its fun animations and bright appearance are easy to spot!

Allay Pickup Item Mechanic

The Allay will wander around until you give it an item, and from then on it will start following you while looking for loose versions of the same item. If you want Allay to stop following you, he simply removes the item with his empty hand.

They can switch between players to follow depending on who last gave them an item. Their search radius reaches 32 blocks from the player, and they will follow you up to 64 blocks from your starting position.

This new minecraft mob will not take any damage from its owner if it has an item. Of course, what’s interesting about Allay is how they react to note blocks.

If you play a note block near them, it will become their favorite and try to leave items on the block for 30 seconds. You will know that Allay has changed focus to the notepad with a vibration particle.

did you know The first time an Allay hands you an item, you’ll unlock the You’ve Got a Friend in Me achievement. There is a more difficult hidden achievement called Birthday Song, which you can get by having an Allay drop a cake on top of a note block.

We can’t deny that these new Minecraft mobs are a much-needed breath of fresh air to the game.

But what about the most anticipated addition to the game?

The Deep Dark and Ancient Cities are home to one of the scariest and most innovative mobs in a long time.


Of the Minecraft 1.19 update mobs, Warden is without a doubt the scariest and most interesting of them all. After we had to wait longer to see one of Minecraft’s scariest mobs fully implemented in the game, players will need to be extra careful when exploring the Old Towns.

The Warden is the only mob that spawns in the Deep Dark biome, and you should always try to avoid direct conflict. This is the first completely blind mob, stumbling while walking when it spawns.

The Guardian will appear impressively when you activate Sculker Shriekers three times. A sound effect and a Darkness effect will be the dreaded queues for the spawn of him.

Guardian detection and attack

The Guardian guides himself through his sense of smell, detecting and finding paths to the mob or the most suspicious player based on vibrations. You will see the growths on his head rattle and light up as they detect these vibrations.

If you want to dodge a Guardian, you have to sneak your way around. Otherwise, when the Guardian has enough time to identify the source of the vibrations, he will instantly turn hostile and find his way to the target, regardless of other distractions. At that point, he is an unstoppable force, traversing water without slowing down and showing immunity to lava and recoil.

You can of course use projectiles to distract him as they cause big vibrations, so make sure you have enough snowballs or arrows in your inventory. The heartbeat sound and animation speed up as the Guardian becomes more suspicious or goes into attack mode.

We hope you haven’t spent time crafting invisibility potions, as the Guardian can still detect you like this. Remember, it’s the vibrations that count!

If you somehow manage to kill a Guardian, they will drop a single Sculk Catalyst upon death. With 500 hearts and dealing 30 hearts of damage with his melee attack, your best strategy will always be to avoid and use distractions. After all, a player in Netherite armor will only take 2 hits.

Even if he tries to get a bit away from the Warden, he switches to a sonic blast attack, a ranged attack 15 blocks away. This beam will bypass blocks and armor to deal 10 hearts of damage, but can only hit a single target per shot.

These lovely Minecraft 1.19 update mobs have given the community a lot to talk about and discuss. We’re already seeing awesome mob farms for frogs, and who knows what other cool ideas players might come up with with Allay’s unique mechanic.

We’re always excited to hear feedback from our players, so feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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