Treyarch’s Call of Duty 2024 game is your chance to change the Black Ops franchise

Treyarch’s Call of Duty 2024 game is your chance to change the Black Ops franchise

All signs point to Obligations 2024 being a return to covert operations series, as leaks have shown that the game will take place within Treyarch’s beloved franchise. If it is part of the existing covert operations timeline or marks the beginning of a new beginning like Modern war 2019 is unclear, as is the setting, with a semi-futuristic focus and a Gulf War game rumored.

While many would agree that the covert operations timeline provides the best narration in the Obligations series, is not without flaws. The first two covert operations the games may have been some of the best Obligations titles ever, and black ops 3 was the high point of a weak futuristic era, but black ops 4 Y cold war black ops each had some major problems. Obligations 2024 needs to avoid these drawbacks, and if it succeeds, the covert operations The series could become as popular as it was several years ago.


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Call of Duty 2024 needs a campaign

Those familiar with call of duty: black ops 4 You’ll probably remember the huge controversy in the lead-up to the game’s release, as it was the first and only entry in the franchise not to feature a campaign. While Treyarch had reportedly attempted to experiment with a two-player co-op campaign, the developer was unable to get the mode to a good place before release. As such, it was scrapped, and the closest thing to a campaign is the stunt tutorials and cutscenes they provide.

While Blackout proved to be a huge success, it eased the blow of elimination and campaign saving. call of duty: black ops 4, Treyarch needs to prevent a similar scenario from happening in the future. Even if the developer has to ask for assistance from Raven Software one more time, since the war zone studio made the single player mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Warit is important that a campaign is present within Obligations 2024. Not only are there gamers who still love campaigns in first-person shooters, but given the quality of stories in the covert operations games, it would be a mistake to skip a campaign again.

Call of Duty 2024 should be a polished experience

Unfortunately, one thing call of duty: black ops 4 Y Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War shared was a buggy launch. It was a shame to see it, since the original covert operations Y Black Ops 2 they were very polished titles. Nevertheless, black ops 3The Exodus map needing to be removed multiple times due to crash issues was the start of a rough patch for Treyarch when it came to performance issues, with black ops 4 Y cold war black ops they’re going to be the most buggy games in Activision’s flagship franchise.

In the case of call of duty: black ops 4, the game simply needed an extra month of bug fixing and QA testing, and the rushed release primarily affected the game’s Zombies mode. At launch, players were constantly crashing during Easter Egg attempts, making the race for world first seem pointless. Dozens of bugs were present on every map, and the poor state of Zombies mode on day one ensured that it was essentially dead on arrival. Content creators began criticizing the mode, with some valid criticism, and the negative response early on led to less funding for Zombies during black ops 4DLC season of .

Not only the lack of enamel killed call of duty: black ops 4‘s Zombies mode, but did cold war black opsMultiplayer limit of unplayable in the first few months. Crashes, texture bugs, off-map exploits, and weapon camos not unlocking were just a few of the many issues players had to deal with during the early days of the game. While Zombies was solid in cold war black ops, also had its share of technical issues, as did the campaign. While fans know that these glitches were caused by Treyarch rushing to release a game in 2020 to replace Sledgehammer, it’s still a shame that cold war black ops released in the state it did.

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Call of Duty 2024 Needs a Significant Amount of Day One Content

The two most recent covert operations the titles being dropped resulted in a lack of content for each game. While Zombies received many maps in call of duty: black ops 4multiplayer only had 10 original maps on day one, with four more remasters added to bump up the tally a bit. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War it was even worse in this area, with the series’ low multiplayer map count of eight. With Obligations 2024, Treyarch cannot let this happen again.

It’s also worth noting that Zombies would benefit from more day one content in Obligations 2024. While call of duty: black ops 4 Zombies released with a staggering four maps, cold war black ops only provided one, a count that had not been seen since call of duty world at war – the first game to include Zombies. Two launch maps as seen in the first three covert operations games would be preferable, although a large round-based map broken up into smaller survival maps like TranZit would also be exciting. Having Outbreak on day one would be another way to give Zombies fans more content to enjoy.

Fortunately for Treyarch, a 2024 release means they’ll have plenty of time to develop their next big game. Obligations play. As such, the developer should have plenty of time to perform QA tests and iron out any potential bugs, leading to a title with far fewer issues to patch from day one. In addition to a smoother launch, Treyarch will theoretically have more time to create content for the game, something that should lead to Zombies and multiplayer modes being fleshed out. By offering a large number of maps for each, the most important problems of the recent covert operations the games could be fixed, leading to a release that fans would love. While the delay to 2024 is mostly so Treyarch can learn what’s new Obligations engine – making sure that the following covert operations The game has a more modern look and feel; it could also be useful in other ways.

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