Resident Evil Season 2 will feature an IMPORTANT video game character

Resident Evil Season 2 will feature an IMPORTANT video game character

Exclusive: Showrunner Andrew Dabb reveals that Resident Evil Season 2 will feature a major video game character after the name was dropped in Season 1.

Warning: SPOILERS are yet to come. demonic resident season 1.

With the show based on the gaming mythology, Netflix demonic resident Season 2 is set to introduce a major video game character. The series comes from Andrew Dabb, who worked on Supernatural for a good portion of his career, beginning with season 5 as story editor, producer, and co-executive producer for his final four seasons. development in the demonic resident The show was announced a few years after the Milla Jovovich-led film franchise came to an end, with producers Constantin Film partnering with Netflix and Moonlighting Films to bring the survival horror property to the small screen.


demonic resident unfolds in two timelines, the first beginning in 2022 and following half-twins Billie and Jade as they struggle to move into their new home in New Raccoon City, an oasis-like city built by the Umbrella Corporation and home to new experiments from their father, Albert Wesker of Lance Reddick. The second demonic resident The timeline is set in 2036, in which humanity has been reduced to 300 million refugees worldwide and sees Ella Balinska’s Jade now an adult and working to find a cure for the T-Virus while Umbrella carries out a global search for her. demonic resident delivered a number of exciting surprises in its eight-episode first season and those behind the show promise more will be explored in the future.

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Before the premiere of the show on Netflix, rant on screen spoke exclusively to Andrew Dabb to break down the demonic resident Serie. Dabb specifically talked about the Season 1 finale, in which Jade and Billie are walking away from New Raccoon City with the “Bert” Wesker clone and have a note from their now-dead father directing them to meet Ada Wong. When asked if the character would be explored further, Dabb confirmed demonic resident season 2 would be “100 percent“see Ada make an appearance.

Leon and Ada about to kiss in Resident Evil 2

introduced in resident evil 2, Ada Wong has quickly become a fan-favorite character within the game franchise for her prowess as an action heroine, her compelling design, and the chemistry she has with iconic lead Leon S. Kennedy, even though she works for Umbrella. Since then, Ada has appeared on Resident Evil 4 as a player character, as well as gaining a playable section in the recent resident evil 2 new version, although it was removed from an appearance in Resident Evil Village due to reported problems determining the character’s place in history. She has also made it to the screen in adaptations of the franchise, being portrayed by Li Bingbing in Jovovich’s film. Resident Evil: Retribution and Lily Gao in last year Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City during the mid-credits scene of the film.

Although the show has yet to be renewed by Netflix as it just premiered this week, Dabb’s confirmation that Ada appears in a potential demonic resident Season 2 is sure to be a promising tease for fans of the video game franchise. Since the series is set within the games’ mythology, one might expect that Ada’s appearance would also lead into season 2 with Leon, either in a flashback between the two characters or in one of the two main timelines. . In the meantime, the public can catch up with demonic resident streaming season 1 on netflix now.

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