Minecraft should add some Marvel and DC Mashup packs

Minecraft should add some Marvel and DC Mashup packs

Minecraft has had a wide variety of crossover content over the years. Fans have seen skins and texture packs based on TV shows like Adventure time Y strangest things, while other video games like mass effect, FallY little big planet have been represented in Minecraft. Many fans love dressing up as their favorite pop culture characters in Mojang’s block-building game, though some particularly memorable properties have yet to be officially added.


While the mods have added characters from the Marvel and DC universe, official versions are not currently available. However, this should change in the near future, as DLC packs based on both properties would guarantee home runs. DC’s comics and animated adventures have kept the brand strong despite some live-action struggles, while the incredible success of the MCU has made the Marvel universe more popular than ever. With games like Fortnite Showing that both properties can co-exist in the same game, Mojang should approach Marvel and DC to create some new cosmetics.

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Marvel and DC Skins would be so much fun

In the case of Marvel, there was a time when players could access skins based on Spider-Man, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately, the licenses expired many years ago and were not renewed, and players were no longer able to access these cosmetics. However, given how popular the MCU has become, Disney and Mojang should team up for a new batch of skins based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this way, fans could get various Iron Man armors and Captain America suits from the movies to play with.

DC comics skins would be just as exciting. While the DCEU has been a bit of a chore thus far and lacks the 100 hours of content present in the MCU, Mojang could pull from the comics to give players skins based on a wide variety of heroes and villains. Alongside characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, players can take control of antagonists like Darkseid. Beyond that, the heroes seen in Young Justice and the Teen Titans could be included, with Mojang even having some fun and adding Jurassic League.

Marvel and DC Based Texture Packs Could Be Awesome

However, the real star of potential Marvel and DC content would be the texture packs that Mojang could introduce. These texture packs could allow players to wield weapons straight from the Marvel and DC universe, and with a few makeovers for the game’s blocks, they could recreate iconic locations like Wakanda or Metropolis. It’s easy to imagine some modded Blackstone fitting Gotham or Quarts fitting Asgard as well, and this would be just the tip of the iceberg.

The basic leather cords could be swapped with Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth user if a DC pack was ever released, while the bows could be colored green to resemble Green Arrow’s signature weapon. The swords in the Marvel pack could take the form of the All-Black the Necrosword, which Gorr used in the comics and the recently released Thor: love and thunder. Mobs could also get some fun makeovers, with skeletal archers turned into parademons via a hypothetical DC texture pack.

While there are many interesting crossovers Minecraft hasn’t yet, Marvel and DC content seems like a no-brainer. With superheroes becoming more popular than ever, it makes sense for one of the most successful games on the market to pair up with the biggest comic book brands. For now, all fans can do is make his voice heard, telling Mojang that they want to see texture packs and new skins based on Marvel and DC.

Minecraft is available now on mobile, PC, PS4, PS Vita, Switch, and Xbox One.

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