Minecraft How to Survive in the Desert Biome

Minecraft The worlds have a lot of diversity thanks to the many biomes that players can visit. However, it’s sometimes interesting and challenging to limit survivability to a single biome, and one of the hardest to pull off is in the desert biomes.

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Desert biomes lack most of the basic resources that other lush, temperature biomes have, such as an abundance of trees for wood and passive mobs for food. That’s why players will need to be a little sneaky and follow these tips if they want to survive exclusively in a desert biome in Minecraft.

5 get sticks and wood in a desert

Wood won’t be available in desert biomes, but players can find sticks pretty quickly by breaking down dead bushes that are usually scattered around desert biomes. However, to get more wood, players will need to get lucky and find a structure.

Players must either seek out a village, a raider outpost that will be entirely made of wood, or take a chance and venture underground to find a mineshaft. Depending on how strict the player’s rules of survival are and where they spawn, they can also search an ocean to find shipwrecks for a stash of wood.

4 Farm Bunnies And Food Crops

Another key resource is passive mobs, and there aren’t that many in the desert. The only thing mob players will find are bunnies, which give out food when killed. If players are up for a challenge, they can raise these bunnies and start a food farm.

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Otherwise, players only need a wheat, carrot, potato, or beet seed to start farming. Villages, mineshafts, looting outposts, shipwrecks, and buried treasure can all be found in or near desert biomes and can produce that loot. Killing zombies can sometimes also produce potatoes.

Alternatively, if players manage to find a thread or kill spiders by thread, they can craft a fishing rod and fish for food and loot. However, this only works if the desert biome is landlocked, as setting up an underground fishing farm requires players to have access to the skylight.

3 find bodies of water

Speaking of fishing, setting up a successful fishing farm and farming farm will require players to find water. Once players get their hands on a bucket, they can start looking for water in a few different places.

Lucky players can spawn by an ocean on a deserted beach, which solves the problem. Otherwise, players can search for a town and use the water in the towns. Water is also found in underground pools in caves, so it’s worth venturing there to find some.

Finally, players can also take their chances and wander around in search of a desert pit, which is a fairly rare structure found in desert biomes that contains water. Once players have a small pool of water ready, they can use it to fish for food and various useful items like leather, rope, and treasures like enchanted books and better fishing rods.

two Building a base in a desert biome

Unless players get lucky and find a raider outpost or get their hands on a sapling from a wandering trader, for example, and start a tree farm, players likely won’t have access to as much wood. This means that other blocks must be used to build.

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The cheapest available is sandstone, which requires only four blocks of sand to craft. Once the player has all of their tools available, they can upgrade their base to a house made of cobblestone or stone bricks.

It is also possible to get lucky and establish an early base in a desert town or temple, although the latter must be properly lit due to all its nooks and crannies where mobs can appear and ruin the player’s survival career.

1 Rare Items Trade

Deserts are extremely lackluster when it comes to loot, so players should focus on setting up a few trades for necessities like leather and paper, which will allow them to build an enchantment table and access later parts of the game. Minecraft. While paper can be easily crafted, leather is more difficult to come by in a desert biome.

Players can try to find a village and do their trades there, or they can head into the Nether, which shouldn’t be a difficult task even in a desert biome. In fact, desert biomes can often spawn lava pools, which can be used to make abyssal portals as long as the player has an iron water bucket. Also, players can get lucky and find ruined portal structures quite often in desert biomes.

It is also possible to mine underground and find pools of lava and obsidian below. Once in the Nether, players must try to find Piglins and trade with them to gain access to leather and ropes, as well as Ender Pearls.

Another important trade to consider is the wandering trader who regularly appears where the player is. It is possible that it will carry saplings, meaning that eventually even the most unlucky players living in a desert biome will have access to the trees if they wait long enough. He will also return multiple times with different trades, so keep an eye out for him.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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