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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, also known as the game that makes global conflict look like fun, is coming in Fall 2022, officially launching on October 28. Luckily for fans, you can grab a Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 pre-order right now!

CoD fans can now pre-order MW2, with two separate editions available: the Cross-Gen Pack and the Vault Edition.

Pre-orders are available on all available platforms (PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC) from a variety of retailers.

Latest Modern Warfare 2 News

Modern Warfare 2 pre-order

The build-up to the new Call of Duty never fails to excite millions and with MW2 pre-orders now available for all platforms, this is set to be the biggest Call of Duty ever.

By reserving each edition, you will gain access to a number of benefits. That means even if you get the standard edition, you’ll still get a reward regardless.

MW2 minimum order

Modern Warfare 2 editions and pre-order price

There are three editions of Modern Warfare 2 available to preorder: Standard, Vault, and Cross-Gen. An upgrade is also available for those on PC/digital copies to upgrade from Standard to the latest ‘Vault Edition’.

Modern Warfare 2 Standard Edition

When you pre-order the Modern Warfare 2 Standard Edition, you will simply receive early access to the MW2 Open Beta.

Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition

MW2 Vault Edition is the “ultimate” bundle for the upcoming title, which includes:

  • Open Beta Early Access*
  • Phantom Legacy Pack**
  • Red Team Operator Pack 141
  • Ash FJX Gun Vault***
  • Battle Pass + 50 Level Skips****

Modern Warfare 2 Cross-Generation Pack

A Cross-Gen Bundle gives Xbox One and PS4 gamers the opportunity to play the game and then upgrade to the higher-performance Xbox Series X/S / PS5 version for free or a small fee. This is only for gamers who know they’ll be getting a next-gen console in the future, and includes:

  • Open Beta Early Access*
  • The opportunity to pre-load the game before launch

For those who purchased the standard edition of MW2 through Steam, you can upgrade to Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition for an additional amount of money.

Modern Warfare 2 Pre-order Bonuses: Vault Edition Content

Owners of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition will receive four playable multiplayer operators day one This includes Ghost, Farah, Price and Soap, who wear a special masked outfit inspired by the legendary mercenary: Ghost.

modern warfare 2 pre-order four playable multiplayer operators min.

Vault Edition owners will also receive the FJX Ash Gun Vault. Not much has been released about this reward, but Activision plans to share more information about the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault and the new Gunsmith closer to launch.

Vault Edition owners will receive the Season 1 Battle Pass and 50 tier skips (or equivalent) for free after Modern Warfare 2 launches.

If purchased after the first season, that free Battle Pass and Tier Skips can be applied to that current season. This will allow you to unlock all the seasonal content you know and love, such as:

  • weapon blueprints
  • operator skins
  • Get a head start on that Battle Pass through 50 tier skips

For those who pre-order Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition, they will also receive the ‘Phantom Legacy Pack. That means you will get more than 20 free items per Modern war (2019) and war zoneimmediately unlocked with pre-purchase.

The Ghost Legacy Pack includes the following operator skins for the ghost operator in war zone Y Modern war:

  • Maxillary
  • Last breath
  • Jaw
  • ghost
  • Calculator
  • dark vision
  • classic ghost
  • winter theater
  • dreadwood
  • Phantom CPU
  • Appearance
  • azrael

The Ghost Legacy Pack also includes these 10 assault rifle weapon blueprints, all from the same weapon family:

  • oscar mike
  • K2
  • the wages of sin
  • cousins
  • stop the tide
  • White noise
  • royal splendor
  • jumping spider
  • Florin
  • The breaking

If you already own most of these weapon skins/blueprints, don’t be disappointed just yet. This will not be the only instant unlock reward for the current war zone. Activision plans to release more details soon.

Modern Warfare 2 Pre-Order Vault Edition Content Minimal Ghost Legacy Pack

Vault Edition owners will also receive 10 hours of Double XP Tokens and 10 hours of Double Weapon XP Tokens for MW2 ready to use at launch. these will help you level up weapons and prestige.

Which edition of Modern Warfare 2 should you pre-order?

Each edition of Modern Warfare 2 features pre-order bonuses.

Even the MW2 Standard Edition gives you early access to the open beta.

Where can you pre-order Modern Warfare 2?

MW2 can be pre-ordered at most major retailers and online game stores.

No matter where you pre-order Modern Warfare 2, you will still receive your pre-order bonuses.

All MW2 pre-orders will receive early access to the open beta

Access to the Modern Warfare 2 Beta comes first on PlayStation (PS4 and PS5), but will be available on all platforms.

Open beta dates and times have yet to be announced, but the preview version of the game will give you an advanced look at the game’s multiplayer, including maps, modes, weapons, and other features.

Anyone who pre-orders Modern Warfare 2 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (Steam/Battle.net) will receive access to the MW2 beta.

As seen on Amazon US:

“Pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II for any platform by August 15, 2022 to unlock early access to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Open Beta. It must be shipped and sold by Amazon. The codes will be sent on August 15.“

Any new or recurring modes?

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Price
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Price

It looks like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will see the return of Infected mode. In a tweet from a now-suspended account, the family crest was posted with the caption ‘INFECTED’.

Infected mode last appeared in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) and places a player as an infected who runs around a map and kills other players to make them members of the opposing team. It is up to the opposing team to survive as long as possible and finish off the eventual horde that will pounce on them.

There is also an alleged leak from a Twitter user claiming that a ranked mode is coming to current Warzone before the release of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which could have interesting implications for Warzone 2. As cheep state:

The current ranked mode for Warzone will arrive before the MWII releases. It won’t be a full ranked mode, but it will be THE blueprint you’ll use to get into Warzone 2. It will be released in Current Warzone for testing purposes. Boiler only. It doesn’t look like it will be released for FK/RI.”

Can you pre-order Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2022 Edition?

Yes, MW2 pre-orders are available and the game is available in three different editions. No matter which one you pre-order, you’ll get early access to this long-awaited FPS.

Is CoD Modern Warfare 2 free to play?

No, Modern Warfare 2 costs money, however Battle Royal Warzone 2 will be free to play.

Will Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 be cross-platform?

According to Tom Henderson, a prominent CoD leaker, Modern Warfare II is coming to current and previous generations of consoles. He stated:

Modern Warfare II (2022) is coming to both current-gen and previous-gen consoles. It is currently believed that this will be the last Call of Duty to come to last generation consoles, but it will ultimately depend on console market conditions.

Is MW2 2022 a remake?

Initially, the community believed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was going to be a remastered rehash, however that is not the case. This is a sequel, looking to continue the story of the 2019 Modern Warfare title.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 release date

MW2 will launch on all available platforms on October 28, 2022. Be sure to pre-order Modern Warfare 2 now to receive various cosmetic rewards and early access to the open beta.


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