Ella Balinska – Resident Evil Star Talks Lickers, Action & Blood [Interview]

Ella Balinska – Resident Evil Star Talks Lickers, Action & Blood [Interview]

Netflix‘s “Demon Resident” The series is now available to stream globally. If you’ve already hit the game, you may have noticed that the creatures range far beyond the typical zombie variety.

Talking to the showrunner andres dabb ahead of the series premiere revealed the focus of which video game characters made their way into the series and why. Dabb wanted to create an original story that evolved from the world of video games, and the first season is just the appetizer.

Dabb explains, “We didn’t go into this with a list of, ‘Here are the three or four monsters we want to put in there.’ You know what I mean? What we went into was, ‘Okay. Here are our characters; this is where the journey has taken them. They’re in this long, dark tunnel. What’s something creepy to put in that long, dark tunnel? Then you go to the games, like, ‘Oh well, let’s put some Lickers in there.’ Let’s put a giant spider in there. That’s really where it came from.

“That gave us a lot of flexibility because we’re not married to games. We’re not doing a line-by-line or game-by-game adaptation on purpose, giving us a big toy box to pull out. And we make the most of it.

Dabb elaborates further, “I think the creative process was, what can we do that serves our story, but is it also cool? If you look, for example, at the zombie mother in episode four. That character doesn’t necessarily exist in the games, but it seems like he probably could. A zombie that can control other zombies, that was the challenge. I thought, ‘Okay, if we’re going to do that, how can we do something that sounds crazy?’ It’s easy for me to write: ‘She is the most horrible monster you have ever seen in your life.’ So she depends on people who know what they’re doing to bring that to life. Fortunately, they did.”

One of the most surprising inclusions in the series may be none other than Albert Wesker, played by lance reddick. Wesker is an enduring villain of the franchise with a specific fate in the resident bad 5 videogame. Dabb deliberately wanted to subvert fan expectations with this character.

“When we went into Wesker, it was never something where we thought, ‘Oh, it’s going to be the original Wesker.’ Once again, we take gaming very seriously. Die in games; he is dead. But as you and I know, there are many ways to overcome that. What we can do is figure out how we can bring this character back in a way where the audience looks at that trailer and says, ‘Albert Wesker, family man.’ What the hell? These guys don’t know what they’re doing. My hope is that people will take the time and watch the show, and they’ll realize that we know what we’re doing. I’m not going to say we know 100% what we’re doing, but we do. We’ll get you there in a way that makes sense and fits with the demonic resident science.”

Zombies, Cerberus, Lickers, Albert Wesker and many more are part of the inaugural season of “Resident Evil”. But Dabb has big plans to venture into the wildest aspects of video games’ complex mythology and bestiary.

Dabb scoffs at his desire to include everything from Plant 42 from the original game to Resident Evil Village‘s Lady Dimitrescu in future seasons.

“The Wesker girls have begun to unravel this mystery. But as game fans know, that mystery gets really crazy fast. What I call the first season is demonic resident 101. There are some zombies and some monsters, but we’re not in Uroboros, plant monsters, or giant vampire territory yet, but we’re going to get there.

“The idea is that as we go forward, more elements from the games will be incorporated, both creatures and some legacy characters..”

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