Cast, plot, release date and what to know

Cast, plot, release date and what to know

the universe of demonic resident it’s huge. The franchise originally began as a 1996 Japanese video game, in which players had to traverse various locations (the first iteration centered around a mansion) and survive zombies and other mutated creatures. the game was a critical hit and highly influential for the horror genre in general, eventually spawning many other games, various spin-offs and remakes, a film franchise starring Milla Jovovich, comics, novels, and merchandise. It’s one of the highest grossing horror franchises ever exist, and now it has another new entry: the Netflix series demonic residentwhich premiered on July 14.

The Netflix series jumps between 2022 and “the present day” of 2036. Both timelines follow Jade (played by Ella Balinska and Tamara Smart), the daughter of Umbrella Corporation executive Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick), who is a notorious video game villain. In 2022, Albert moves Jade and her twin half sister, Billie (Adeline Rudolph and Siena Agudong), to New Raccoon City, from where he can continue working on a supposed miracle drug, which eventually turns into a bioweapon called the T-Virus. Meanwhile, in 2036, the T-Virus has overthrown civilization. Humans have been forced to live in walled cities, outside of which zombies roam. The only organization left on Earth is the Umbrella Corporation, and its employees are on the hunt for Jade.

The show was originally announced as just an eight-episode seriesand Netflix has yet to announce if there will be one demonic resident Season 2. Regardless, showrunner Andrew Dabb already has plans for more. “[We have] a a lot of flexibility because we are not married to games. We’re not doing a line-by-line or game-by-game adaptation on purpose,” Dabb explained to Bloody Disgusting in July 2022. The games serve as inspiration, he said, and there’s plenty of material to mine. . “What I call Season 1 is demonic resident 101. There are some zombies and some monsters, but we’re not in Uroboros, plant monsters or giant vampire territory yet,” he says. “But we’re going to get there,” she adds. “The idea is that as we go forward, more elements from the games will start to be incorporated, both creatures and some legacy characters.”

Here’s everything we know so far about a potential season 2.


resident evil season 2 Release date

After getting the green light in 2019 to start production, the pandemic delayed the filming of the first season for several months. It finally debuted in July 2022. Netflix dramas usually take around a year to produce, so if the series is renewed soon, the earliest a second season would premiere is probably July 2023.

demonic resident Season 2 cast

We can expect the main cast to return, including Ella Balinska and Tamara Smart as Jade, and Adeline Rudolph and Siena Agudong as Billie. And although it seemed that Albert Wesker died in the bomb that destroyed the facility in 2022, it is likely that he is still alive since Billie, older in 2036, told Jade that he had asked about her. So she hopes to see more of Lance Reddick.

Other possible cameos include Paola Núñez as Evelyn Marcus, Anthony Oseyemi as Roth, and Ahad Raza Mir as Arjun.

demonic resident Season 2 plot

Spoilers ahead for season 1. The season 1 finale features multiple potential storylines for a sophomore season. Jade and Billie grew up as sworn enemies, and by 2036 Billie is hell-bent on gaining power. When she realizes that Jade and Arjun’s daughter Bea has some kind of power over zombies, she shoots Jade and kidnaps Bea. Season 1 ends with Jade clutching her wound and it is unclear if she will survive.

In 2022, Billie has been infected with the virus, making her unstable. In one of her terrors, she bites and kills Simon (Connor Gosatti), Jade’s love interest. Jade claims that she forgives her, but it’s clear that her resentment has taken root. Meanwhile, Albert supposedly sacrifices himself to destroy the plant. As he does so, he tells his clone, Bert, to protect his children. In his last message to Jade before he is (apparently) killed by the bomb, he gives her a note telling her to look for “Ada Wong”, a popular hit woman from the games.

“The idea has always been, let’s spend Season 1 introducing you to some of these new characters so you can meet them and see where they come from. You can experience some of the demonic resident knowledge through their eyes because a lot of people who are watching the show are not necessarily going to play the games. They may not have even seen the movies. This could be his first exposure to demonic residentespecially people who are a bit younger.” Dabb told Decider in July 2022. “Now that we’re going into season 2, let’s have some fun. And let’s start taking a few more things from the games, more characters, and putting them into the story.”

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