Best Movies and Shows to Watch on Netflix (July 16-17, 2022)

Best Movies and Shows to Watch on Netflix (July 16-17, 2022)

Netflix continues to roll out original programming in addition to major licensed additions to its streaming library. From an exciting expansion of an animated classic to new adaptations of popular video game franchises, Netflix is ​​just heating up to keep summer audiences cool. And as the exclusive catalog grows, a fan-favorite TV series has made its surprising debut on the digital platform.

Here are the biggest and best movies and shows to stream on Netflix over the weekend, as July officially hits the halfway point and the dog days of summer are fast approaching.

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Resident Evil finds a new direction

Perhaps the most iconic survival horror franchise is demonic resident, and the long-running video game property is being adapted for television on Netflix. Starring Lance Reddick as the sinister Albert Wesker, the show depicts a version of horror history in which humanity has been on the defensive in the face of a zombie apocalypse. As Wesker’s children learn the circumstances behind what his father is really up to and his own ancestry, billions of zombies roam the land outside of New Raccoon City, with only the Umbrella Corporation keeping them in check. control.

The last demonic resident The adaptation marks a marked departure from the video game series, putting Wesker’s legacy front and center in its narrative while maintaining the survival horror aspect. The program is developed by former Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb, with a story spanning two different timelines in the post-apocalyptic world. With an impressive cast and an overwhelming reach, demonic resident offers a fresh twist on Capcom’s classic horror franchise.

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Uncharted marks the spot on Netflix

Among his leading roles in Spider-Man: No Way Home Y UnexploredTom Holland ruled the global box office earlier in the year, with the latest film now available to stream on Netflix. Adapting the popular PlayStation video game franchise of the same name, Holland stars as young treasure hunter Nathan Drake who embarks on a globe-trotting adventure with his mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan, played by Mark Wahlberg. As Nate and Sully follow clues to the location of Ferdinand Magellan’s ancient treasure, they cross paths with rival fortune seekers who are more than willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.

Featuring action set pieces that directly pay homage to similar sequences straight from the video games, Unexplored is a love letter to the Sony franchise brought to the big screen. Holland and Wahlberg make an engaging duo on screen, exchanging affable verbal comments as they try to stay alive and one step ahead of their competition. For high-octane thrills and a solid video game adaptation that stays true to the fan-favorite source material, Unexplored maintains Holland’s film winning streak.

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The world of Kung Fu Panda expands with Dragon Knight

One of DreamWorks Animation’s most beloved film franchises is Kung Fu Panda, starring Jack Black as panda martial artist Po in an anthropomorphic vision of China. Fan-Favorite Kung Fu Saga Expands With New Netflix Original Animated Series Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, with Black reprising his iconic role. In the new series, Po travels the world with the English warrior, Wandering Blade, to restore his good name while recovering magical weapons.

the Kung Fu Panda Previous movies and series have always benefited from having a lot of heart underneath all the comedy and martial arts action. the dragon knight It’s no different, with heavy themes of redemption as Po seeks to clear his name. for fans of Kung Fu Panda, the dragon knight takes the franchise into its next exciting era.

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The Spectacular Spider-Man makes a surprising change to Netflix

Of all the animated series that brought Marvel’s flagship superhero, Spider-Man, to television, one of the most famous is The Spectacular Spider-Man. Airing for two seasons on The CW and Disney XD from 2008 to 2009, the series explored Peter Parker’s life balancing his superhero responsibilities and his high school studies. And as Peter navigates the trials and tribulations of being a teenager, he must contend with a growing roster of supervillains ready to end his career as Spider-Man forever.

With an eye for a more cohesive and coherent narrative that honors the classic story of the web-slinging superhero, The Spectacular Spider-Man it’s the perfect distillation of what makes the character so great. Abruptly canceled after its second season due to licensing changes, the animated series continues to garner well-deserved praise over a decade since its end. For one of the best representations of Spider-Man in any medium, The Spectacular Spider-Man it is absolutely essential.

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Django Unchained makes its last trip to Netflix… for now

More than thirty years into his career, Quentin Tarantino remains one of the most unapologetically stylish filmmakers, mixing dialogue-driven performances with unflinching violence to Academy Award-winning effect. Tarantino’s most successful movie is 2012 django unchained, a revisionist western starring Jamie Foxx as a freed slave who becomes a bounty hunter. And the blood-soaked crusade against injustice is leaving Netflix next week, making this weekend the last chance to revisit the shootout classic.

As Tarantino’s first exploration of the Western genre, django unchained wears his influences on his sleeve, from Sergio Corbucci-directed spaghetti westerns to ’70s grindhouse cinema. With Foxx backed by an acclaimed cast, including Kerry Washington and Christoph Waltz, django unchained provides a cathartic clock. For the last chance to broadcast django unchained on Netflix before it departs for other digital platforms, so get ready and check back this weekend.

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