Will there be another season?

Will there be another season?

After watching all eight live-action episodes of Netflix demonic resident series, you may be curious as to whether or not we’re getting demonic resident season 2.

demonic resident is a hugely popular horror franchise around the world. It has international fame, whether it’s for the games, movies or merchandising, most people know what the series is even if they haven’t seen the movies or played the games. Based on that fact alone, it seems like there’s a good chance the live-action show will get a lot of views, if only out of curiosity.

There have been several animated demonic resident movies and shows, but this is the first live action series in the universe. The other live-action content has been movies.

Netflix will likely give the show at least one more season, although I personally hope for many more, but I’ll take what I can.

Is Netflix’s Resident Evil Season 2 Happening?

demonic resident has not yet been canceled or renewed. Sometimes Netflix will order very early renewals before a show even airs, if they anticipate it will be popular. But demonic resident has not been renewed or terminated prematurely. The good news is that there’s plenty of time for the show to premiere and hopefully do well on the service to be worth a long-term investment over multiple seasons.

Genre fare at Netflix has been mostly hit or miss, but some of the streaming service’s biggest shows are either horror or fantasy. The Wizard is probably the most comparable as it is also a very popular franchise based on acclaimed books and video games (although the Netflix series is based on the books, not the games). Strange things is also the biggest show on Netflix and fans between that and demonic resident should overlap, so I’m hoping demonic residentthe future

As of now, we have no confirmation one way or the other, but stay tuned to Netflix Life for updates.

The good news is that Dabb has a plan for the series with a beginning, middle, and end mapped out. He said TV line“Whether it’s two seasons or three seasons or four seasons or five seasons, we’ll let the audience tell us.”

What will Resident Evil season 2 be about?

Spoilers ahead for demonic resident season 1

The season one finale ends with several major cliffhangers. In 2022, Billie and Jade leave New Raccoon City with Bert. Jade has Ada Wong’s name and address, so we can assume she will be heading to Japan. But will Billie go with her? Based on how things stand between them in 2036, it doesn’t seem likely. There’s also the fact that Evelyn’s secret project got away, which likely caused the eventual virus outbreak.

Speaking of 2036, the season ends with Arjun’s fate hanging in the balance, Jade fired, and Billie running off with Jade’s daughter, Bea. Her story will obviously be about her trying to get her daughter back.

While speaking to TVLine, Dabb also teased more elements of the games that come into play as the story continues, saying, “I will say the further we go, the more story we find as we incorporate more story elements.” . games and expand these worlds and these characters.”

Furthermore, he said:

“We made the decision [in Season 1] just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the lore of the game. If we’re lucky enough to get into Season 2 and beyond, you’ll start to see a lot more gameplay elements on the show.”

Even if we don’t necessarily see everything on the show, Dabb added that what happens in the game is still real in this world and forms the show’s backstory.

“All the games that have come out today, [from] the first game to Village, they are the background story of our show. So Raccoon City was bombed. In Eastern Europe, there was a giant vampire lady [aka Lady Dimitrescu]. That’s all in our world.”

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