Vanguard players ask for a simple change in Season 5

Vanguard players ask for a simple change in Season 5

Assault rifles are always a powerful tool in Call of Duty, so we’ve ranked every AR in Vanguard Season 4 to help you find the best weapon in its class.

Vanguard is another Call of Duty game packed with weapons competing against each other to come out on top. The Vanguard Season 4 update introduced two new weapons to the game, and players continue to search for the best assault rifle to use.

The game already has a ton of popular weapons and loadouts, so we reviewed each of the Vanguard Assault Rifles and decided to rank them from worst to best.

All Vanguard Assault Rifles Ranked

vanguard season 4

This is our full list of all the Assault Rifles in Call of Duty: Vanguard, taking into account all of their vital stats, how they feel in-game, and their final forms in terms of attachments as well.

Here are all the Vanguard assault rifles ranked:

  1. ITRA burst
  2. KG M40
  3. NZ-41
  4. AS44
  5. Nikita AVT
  6. Volk
  7. BAR
  8. STG44
  9. copper carbine
  10. Automaton

Best ARs in CoD: Vanguard

For a more detailed look at each Call of Duty: Vanguard Assault Rifle, we review each weapon and explain the logic behind their positions.

All of these ARs can be used in different ways, and depending on your preferences, you may find that one works better than another.

10. ITRA Explosion

itra burst ar in cod vanguard

As is often the case with burst weapons, the ITRA Burst is a very high risk, high reward weapon with accurate players who can benefit greatly from it. His main flaw sticks out like a sore thumb, and that is that you’ll only get five bursts to take down an opponent or two.

Fortunately, attachments can drastically improve this, making ITRA Burst a weapon to try to see if it’s for you. But for a while, the 4-round burst makes the ITRA Burst a very volatile weapon to use.

If you fancy giving this explosive weapon a spin, check out our best ITRA Burst Vanguard loadout.

9.KG M40

KG M40 AR Vanguard

The KG M40 was added to the Vanguard Assault Rifle roster in Season 2 as a free Battle Pass weapon, and players can still unlock the KG M40 by completing an in-game unlock challenge. Unfortunately, the KG M40 has failed to reach the heights of the Cooper Carbine as a post-release assault rifle.

Simply put, the KG M40 lacks firepower as average damage prevents it from killing as quickly as other ARs. Nonetheless, he claims ninth place primarily due to his accuracy. With the right accessories, the KG M40 is one of Vanguard’s most accurate weapons.

Take a look at our best KG M40 Vanguard loadout for the right accessories.


cod vanguard nz-41 assault rifle

In many Call of Duty games, you’ll get weapons that don’t necessarily perform poorly, it’s just that they have few redeeming qualities that make them desirable.

The NZ-41 has that vibe, despite its decent accuracy and firepower, it suffers from erratic recoil. This AR doesn’t compare to other weapons on this ranked list of assault rifles that are simply better, despite being a threat in Warzone.

Take a look at our best NZ-41 Vanguard loadout to try it out for yourself.


as44 in vanguard cod

The AS44 is a decent assault rifle and as with most weapons it tends to get a lot better and better with the right attachments. But after you’ve fired a few shots and experienced its wild recoil pattern, you’ll start to see why it’s not as favored as other weapons.

As difficult as it can be to properly aim the weapon, there’s no denying its strength. The AS44 is still worth a try as it boasts the lowest TTK on Vanguard.

Make sure you’re in the right class with our best AS44 Vanguard gear.

6. Nikita AVT

Nikita AVT Assault Rifle in Vanguard Season 3

The Nikita AVT was added to the Vanguard weapon arsenal alongside the Season 3 update. The AR is a free weapon from the Season 3 Battle Pass, so most players will get their hands on it with ease. .

Unfortunately, it’s not the most powerful weapon out there. The only thing it has going for it is its incredible accuracy. Although Nikita will feel like a pellet gun at times, she is supremely easy to use, allowing her to claim sixth place.

If you want to try out the Season 3 weapon, check out our suggested loadout for the new Nikita AVT.


volk ​​assault rifle en cod vanguard

The reality is that the Volk is really good, and its indisputable characteristic is its rate of fire. It has the essence of an SMG within it, but it’s still a powerful assault rifle on Vanguard.

The knockback can put off players, but as usual, if the Volk has the right attachments, it immediately becomes a force to be reckoned with, but don’t try to hit distant targets as its lower range prevents it from being the best. ARKANSAS. Despite receiving nerfs in Season 3, Volk retains fifth place on this list.

Get the most out of this weapon with our best Volk Vanguard loadout.

4. BAR

assault rifle cod vanguard bar

Of all the ARs, the BAR seems to have the most noticeable impact in medium to long-range fights, which is supposed to be offset by its 20-round mag. As we know, the BAR can hold 30 rounds quite easily, and this helps the BAR keep firing its powerful rounds for longer.

Don’t expect to win every close range skirmish though, but trust that the BAR can get the job done. You will also notice a very slow rate of fire which can take some getting used to.

You can use this dominant weapon with the best BAR loadout for Vanguard.


assault rifle stg44 in cod vanguard

A common pick among AR users on Vanguard, the STG44’s recoil pattern is extremely easy to learn and only gets better once you start slapping it.

It will work well at any engagement distance and has enough firepower to not require you to be the best marksman in the world to kill with it. It’s unlocked early on and you’ll find some STG44s in every match because it’s that good.

Check out our best STG loadout to use one of Vanguard’s most reliable weapons.

2. Cooper Carbine

Cooper Carbine Vanguard Season 1

The Cooper Carbine Assault Rifle was added to Vanguard with the Season 1 update and was available through the Battle Pass. The Cooper Carbine is perhaps the most versatile AR on this list. Players can equip accessories for close or long range combat.

However you prefer to use this assault rifle, its excellent rate of fire will suit aggressive players very well. Once you unlock the Recoil Booster accessory, the Cooper Carbine becomes a deadly killing machine.

Check out our best Cooper Carbine Vanguard loadout.

1. automaton

Vanguard AR Automaton

One weapon most players quickly became familiar with is the automaton. Although the STG44 created the biggest buzz shortly after release, it didn’t take long for the Automaton to take over and remain the best assault rifle in Season 4.

In its most primitive form, the automaton only requires a gentle pull of the analog stick or mouse to keep it hammering the bullseye over and over again. Its rate of fire is phenomenal, and once you hit the Anastasia Sniper cannon and the Tight Grip proficiency, then your accuracy with this weapon will skyrocket.

Make sure you’re correctly using the most powerful AR in the game with our best Automaton Vanguard loadout

And those are the best AR loadouts for Season 4. Goals change and another AR may come in Vanguard Season 5, so we’ll keep this list updated throughout the year.

You can also see how all of these ARs compare to the rest of the Vanguard weapons.

Image Credit: Activision/Sledgehammer Games

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