The 10 Longest Resident Evil Games, Ranked By HowLongToBeat

The 10 Longest Resident Evil Games, Ranked By HowLongToBeat

In horror games, entering a room isn’t always as easy as opening the door. There is a thought process: does the character have enough ammo, healing items, or the right key item? There is an understandable fear of what is behind that door or around the next corner. No long-running series has instilled this fear like the demonic resident Serie.

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By the time the credits roll in a demonic resident game, it can feel like a long time has passed due to the amount of puzzle solving and careful planning that went into it. For gamers who are interested in playing through the demonic resident series, which might seem daunting considering the sheer number of canon games. Fortunately, the demonic resident The series is much more manageable to play when you know how long each game is.

Each demonic resident The game on the list is the version with the most votes and only the time it takes to beat the main story will count.

10 Resident Evil 2 Remake offers plenty of replayability (8.5 hours)

resident evil 2The remake of was a dream come true for many demonic resident fans. It is one of the best games in the series, released when Capcom was leaning heavily towards the horror side of the game. demonic resident Serie.

RE2 it has a lot of replayability as Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield each have two versions of their campaigns. Completing version A of one character’s campaign and version B of the other will yield RE2 true ending So while this 8.5 hours of playtime may reflect a single A version, there are still many RE2 to experiment with in later games.

9 Resident Evil VII: Biohazard came full circle (9.5 hours)

The game that brought horror back to the mainline demonic resident Serie. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard serves as a soft reset for the demonic resident series kicking off an entirely new story arc, beginning in the isolated Baker House in Louisiana.

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RE7 is similar in structure to the first two demonic resident games. Ethan Winters can explore Baker House and its surroundings to find new locations, solve puzzles, and run from enemies. However, unlike before demonic resident games, this is done in the first person perspective adding a new level of fear to the experience.

8 Resident Evil: Village Subtitle Was Definitely Not For Show (9.5hrs)

Resident Evil: Town continues Ethan’s story as he searches for his missing daughter, Rose. Ethan’s journey takes him to a spooky snowy town. While in pursuit of his missing daughter, Ethan encounters the expressive and memorable group of antagonists known as “The Four Lords”, with Mother Miranda at the helm.

Village take more than one page Resident Evil 4 that other resident evils. The inventory, weapon upgrade, and trading system are nearly identical. Unlike RE4the town in the center of Village serves as a central area. As Ethan obtains new items and unlocks new tools, he may uncover secrets within the village.

7 Players will go back a long way in Resident Evil 0 HD (10 hours)

Despite its first release in 2002, Resident Evil 0’s life began during the development of the original demonic resident. RE0 was initially conceived for the Nintendo 64 64DD (disk drive) system. When the 64DD failed, attention turned to a cartridge version for the N64 before RE0 it was eventually released for the Nintendo GameCube.

RE0 was developed together with demonic resident remake and released a few months later. Much of the criticism of RE0 focused on its inventory system. There are no storage boxes, so players must put items down and return to them later. This resulted in frequent pushbacks, which helps explain how RE0 it takes about ten hours to churn.

6 Resident Evil: Revelations 2 was the first episodic Resident Evil (10.5 hours)

the Evil Residence Revelations The duology can be seen as the first tease of Capcom’s return to horror in the demonic resident Serie. Resident Evil: Revelations 2starring Claire Redfield and Barry Burton’s daughter Moria, it takes place at the headquarters of TerraSave, a human rights organization created after the Raccoon City incident.

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Unlike previous demonic resident games, including the first revelations, Revelations 2 it is an episodic game. There are four episodes in total, and all four episodes were released in one month. Also, the commercial version, released shortly after, contains two additional episodes for a total of six episodes.

5 Resident Evil HD is an impressive remake that improves the story (11 hours)

the demonic resident remake is a perfect example of playing it safe with a remake. Originally released for the GameCube before being remastered for most consoles, RE1 The remake changes little from the original version from a gameplay point of view. What this new version did was add elements of the story, most notably the tragedy surrounding the Trevor family.

Similar to RE2 Y RE7Much of a player’s playing time with RE1 will be devoted to exploring the Spencer mansion and the surrounding areas. Players can play RE1 like Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. Chris is stronger and can deliver RE0 Rebecca Chambers, while Jill can carry more items and meet Barry.

4 Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X is a difficult game to play (11.5 hours)

the most divisive demonic resident game is Resident Evil – Code: Veronica. To pursue RE2 Y Resident Evil 3, Code: Veronica finally reunites Claire with her brother Chris when they discover that Albert Wesker survived the events of RE1. Some fans consider Code: Veronica be the “real” RE3 What RE3 is said at the same time RE2 and it doesn’t push the overall narrative forward.

Code: Veronica is known to be the toughest demonic resident game, which can make your gaming time an exhausting if not rewarding endeavor. Code: Veronica X is an updated version released for PlayStation 2 and GameCube with new cutscenes and story elements.

3 Time spent in Resident Evil 5 is much more enjoyable with a friend (12 hours)

resident bad 5 continued the trend marked by RE4 favoring action over fright. This is highlighted by the inclusion of a cooperative partner, a first for the mainline demonic resident Serie. Whether players are playing solo or with a friend, Chris will be joined by Sheva Alomar, a fellow Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) agent.

RE5 It’s broken up into relatively short chapters, which makes playing the game easy to digest and easy to coordinate with a co-op partner. Apart from one chapter RE5 it’s very linear, so fans of exploration may be disappointed.

two Like most areas, Resident Evil 4 also hit the pace (15.5 hours)

For many demonic resident fans, RE4 is the gold standard of demonic resident. While some lamented the move to action, most praised RE4 for an engaging story, a fantastic inventory and trading system, and a memorable setting.

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RE4 it’s a long game that rarely feels long. Thanks to its linear nature, there is something exciting in every area, be it a new enemy, a trap, or a puzzle. There are few calm periods in RE4, so it’s exciting to think about how well RE4 can be translated in its next new version.

1 Players will spend a lot of time wishing Resident Evil 6 was over (21 hours)

It may seem like a bad joke resident Evil 6 is the longest demonic resident play. RE6 is almost universally considered the worst mainline demonic resident game and represents everything bad with action-based demonic resident games.

RE6 is divided into four different campaigns, which can be played cooperatively as RE5. While some may be satisfied playing just one campaign, there are so many story details and story nuggets in each campaign that it feels necessary to go through each one. And it doesn’t help that each chapter is much longer than the ones in RE5what can you do RE6 an exhausting game to play.

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