Secret Lair x Fortnite MTG Cards Are Great (Even If They Make No Sense)

Secret Lair x Fortnite MTG Cards Are Great (Even If They Make No Sense)

Magic: The Gathering’s Fortnite Secret Lair is an unusual crossover for both properties. However, it will bring a lot of fun to the card game.

Magic: The Gathering just revealed a collaboration with Fortniteand it may be one of the best and strangest offerings from both franchises. Magic‘s highly strategic card fighting feels worlds away from FortniteIt’s frantic firefights, but the two have been combined in a wonderfully absurd way. now some Magic: The Gathering the cards are being treated with a bit of Fortnite instinct.

Secret Lair is a subseries of Magic: The Gathering which has brought both new cards and reprints of older cards with new names or art. They are sold as a set rather than a series of packs with randomly selected cards. Secret Lair was controversial when it was revealed, but has continued for several sets. It has even crossed over with major franchises in the past, such as Magic‘s Street Fighter The Secret Lair set was the previous big video game crossover in the series. Secret Lair has been letting the Magic designers are especially creative, and that’s something to appreciate.


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Although the Fortnite The set won’t feature any mechanically unique cards, it still has a lot to offer. Features some new variants of old cards with Fortnite-themed names and art, as well as land cards with art inspired by memorable Fortnite game story locations. The art of the cards is quite good, striking a nice middle ground between the dull and serious tone of Magic and the vibrant, cheerful of Fortnite. It may seem like a strange combination, but Fortniterumored dead by daylight crossover shows that the developers are willing to collaborate with more obscure source materials. The fact that they managed to incorporate some of the most iconic aspects of Fortnite like the dance and the battle bus add to the novelty appeal of the set.

Magic’s Fortnite Reskins Are Deliciously Fun

The Fortnite art for the Secret Lair cards is vibrant and easy on the eyes.

A great thing about Fortnite The Secret Lair game is that all cards included are tournament legal in whatever format the cards they are based on allow. Each card in the set has the name of the card it is a reskin of helpfully printed on the card itself to help players know this information. This is especially easy for the lands, as they are completely identical to the original apart from the new artwork. Each of the secret lair Fortnite The cards are perfectly functional, and some are pretty good, like Shrinking Storm, which shares Wrath of God’s ability to destroy all creatures and prevent them from spawning. It is not unfair to think that Forthnite cards could very well appear in Magic tournaments in the future.

The most important thing that Fortnite The secret lair brings to Magic is the most important part of any game: Fun. the Fortnite all cards bring a bit of whimsical charm to the game, even if they don’t match MagicIt is the usual aesthetic. It’s hard not to love how fun card art is, and the idea of ​​dropping the Battle Bus in a serious match is sure to appeal to more than a few people. It adds a bit of flavor to the game that might not be there otherwise. Although FortniteMarvel crossovers may have gotten tiring, the Magic crossover in an exciting new direction.

Fortnite Y Magic: The Gathering It doesn’t sound like two franchises that could intersect, but it’s an unexpected combination that looks great. Maybe this could even lead to a few highlights Magic characters becoming Fortnite skins one day When the Fortnite Secret Lair launches at the end of July, Magic: The Gathering You’ll see her most quirky outfit yet.

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