Resident Evil season 1, episode 5 recap

Resident Evil season 1, episode 5 recap


Not too action-packed, but there are plenty of story developments, most of which are in 2022, in the fifth episode of demonic resident. And the ending helps make this the strongest episode since the pilot. Speaking of which, that ending should make for a riveting sixth episode!

This recap of the Netflix series Resident Evil Season 1, Episode 5, “Home Movies” contains major spoilers.

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demonic resident Summary of season 1, episode 5

Once again, unknown people stop Jade. This time, however, Jade reacts in surprise when one of them removes her mask. Who do you think she is she? I’m going to guess that she is Albert or Evelyn. In 2022, Evelyn brings Albert to Angel, who has since been beaten up. With Angel’s revelation in the last episode clearly upsetting her, Jade tells Billie that they need to find her birth certificates. So, they search various areas of your home. In searching for her, Jade finds a hidden laptop with a different password than the one Albert usually uses. So, Jade turns to Simon for help. And when Simon mentions that he has two moms, it’s safe to assume that Evelyn and Diana are his moms.

When Simon hacks into Albert’s laptop, he learns that Albert has a “dead-end email” ready to send to Billie. In the email, Albert reveals that Umbrella will be after Billie and that she must protect Jade. So Simon offers to help Jade and Billie hack the security camera footage from his house. And as Jade and Billie wonder why Umbrella would go after them, Simon wonders if Umbrella would go after Evelyn too. Jade and Billie realize that Albert is leaving clues, and when they play the piano, they find a secret note and a hole in the ground. Inside is $10,000, a gun and fake passports.

And through their guesswork, Jade and Billie (and Simon) use the dog/dog whistle to open a door to a hidden passage. But, as the sisters go further down, they lose connection with Simon. Once they are downstairs, they learn that Albert is storing his blood. They look in a box labeled “RC 1998” that has a DVD of someone named Lisa. They watch the DVD, where Albert is heard saying, “if she tries anything, shoot the bitch.” And then Albert interacts with a “subject” who has been exposed to the virus and has a giant eyeball on his back. Jade learns that Albert has a file on Billie where he writes that Billie “may need to be contained”.

The end

As the sisters go to leave, Jade flips a switch and a “record sequence” is activated. As the room fills with flames and it appears that the sisters are facing certain death, Albert puts out the fire. When Jade and Billie ask what Albert has been doing, he becomes violent with them. As a result, Billie knocks out Albert. When he regains consciousness, he is tied to the same chair that he had planned to use to “contain” Billie. There, Albert reveals that “joy” makes people inhuman. He states that Billie is “strong”, so he might react differently to the virus. Albert all but reveals that Jade and Billie are experiments and that he oversees them on behalf of Umbrella. But Albert reveals that they must let him go as he is the only one who can save them.

demonic resident Episode five ends as he returns to his opening scene. The person under the mask is none other than Billie, who simply says, “Hello, sister.”

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