‘Resident Evil’, ‘Hurt’ ending, Victoria’s Secret Secrets, ‘Party’ time

‘Resident Evil’, ‘Hurt’ ending, Victoria’s Secret Secrets, ‘Party’ time

the horror franchise demonic resident finds a new home on Netflix with an eight-hour season split across two timelines. The harassed OB/GYN from AMC+’s medical drama This is going to hurt he faces a reckoning in the series finale. An exhibition of docuseries looks behind the glitter of the Victoria’s Secret brand. Party people Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus seek 101 places to party before you die in a truTV travel comedy series.

Ella Balinska in 'Resident Evil' on Netflix


demonic resident

The horror-themed video game keeps on giving. After six movies and a big screen reboot, demonic resident makes its inevitable transition to broadcast with an eight-episode adaptation that alternates between a 2022 timeline (“three months before the end”) in a pristine New Raccoon City and a post-apocalyptic nightmare landscape in London 2036 (“14 years after the end”). That’s where Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) is battling hordes of mutant-zombie “zeros,” horrifying giant monsters, and the nefarious Umbrella Corporation that is responsible for it all. Flashbacks to 2022 reveal a young Jade (Tamara Smart) and her half-sister Billie (Siena Agudong) becoming increasingly concerned, for good reason, about her father Albert’s (Lance Reddick) experiments at Umbrella with Joy drug. There is not much joy here, but you already knew that.

Resident Evil Netflix
Ben Whishaw as Adam in This Is Gonna Hurt

Anika Molnar/Sister Pictures/BBC Studios/AMC

This is going to hurt

The finale of the UK’s fabulous dark comedy-drama about life (and death) inside an underfunded maternity ward picks up two months after the previous episode’s tragic twist. Adam (Ben Whishaw) knows his job is on the line when he faces court for malpractice, but how far will he go to keep it? And he even wants?

This is going to hurt - AMC+


Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons

A three-part docuseries of the investigative journalist/director matt tyrnauer takes a closer look at the rise, reign and scandalous implosion of the lingerie company through an eye-opening study of the fashion brand’s former CEO, Les Wexner. The secrets exposed include the brand’s association with the notorious Jeffrey Epstein in the fashion underworld.

Victoria's Secret: Angels & Demons - Hulu

101 places to party before you die

Adam Pally (Happy endings, the mindy project) and improv comedian Jon Gabrus are such dedicated party people that they’ll go anywhere for a good time. Their buddy comedy travelogue is devoted to eating, drinking, and other forms of indulgence, starting with a layover in Denver, where getting a Rocky Mountain High at the International Church of Cannabis is the first order of business. Future destinations include Maui, Miami, Puerto Rico, Portland and Atlanta.

The Old Man Season 1 Jeff Bridges

Prashant Gupta/FX

The old

The spy thriller, which came to a head in recent episodes, picks up speed in the penultimate episode of the first season when Dan Chase/Henry Dixon (Jeff Bridges) and Zoe/Marcia (Amy Brenneman) move to Morocco, but they don’t before. Zoe gets another report about the spy game: “Once you turn it on, you can’t turn it off,” Dan/Henry warns her. FBI Deputy Director Harold Harper (John Lithgow) also faces a reckoning with his protégé/his mole Angela/Emily (Alia Shawkat) as treacherous events bring cat and mouse closer.

The old man - FX

Inside Thursday TV:

  • Enhanced Jaw-Eating Crocodile (7/6c, National Geographic): The Tenth Edition shark fest continues with a look at clashes between crocodiles and sharks, followed by moon side shark (9/8c), which investigates the connection between lunar cycles and shark activity, and the self-explanatory sharks that eat everything (10/9c).
  • Even Turner Classic Movies is getting into the shark world with prime-time lineups that include 1932. Tiger shark (8/7c), which is actually a romance; the 1956 thriller the shark fighters (9:30/8:30c), 1950 Assassin shark (11/10c) and since 1975, shark treasure (12:30am/11:30c).
  • top team (10/9c, BBC America): Now that hosts Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris have their racing licenses, what better way to start a new season than to head to the racing epicenter of Florida to try their hand at sports including a NASCAR-style Showdown in old police cars.
  • Broadcast highlights include new seasons of Kevin Hart heart to hearcelebrity talk show about Peacock, the nightclub melodrama BET+ All the queen’s men and the dating program fboy island on HBO Max; a spin-off of the animated Kung Fu Panda noble the dragon knight on Netflix, again starring Jack Black; and in discovery+, The linka moving four-part nature series about the special relationship between humans and animals.

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