Minecraft Legends gameplay explained

Still one of the most influential, popular and successful video games out there, Minecraft is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, and has been since its beta launch in 2011. Despite being over 10 years old, Minecraft remains one of the most played video games today, sitting comfortably alongside modern giants like Fortnite Y Obligations. So it makes sense that developer Mojang would want to capitalize on the Minecraft brand as much as humanly possible, and its range of spin-offs, such as the upcoming minecraft legends, do just that


Getting started with Telltale Minecraft: Story Mode in 2015, Mojang has tried several times to expand the Minecraft license beyond its standard building and survival game mechanics. Weather Minecraft: Story Mode used Telltale’s signature interactive drama game, and minecraft dungeons was a Devil-such as dungeon crawler, the next spin-off from Mojang, minecraft legendsis choosing an entirely new route, one not often seen in the modern video game landscape.

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Minecraft Legends Action Strategy Gameplay

Adding another string to Mojang’s bow, minecraft legends once again brings a new type of game to the franchise. On this occasion, the series delves into the action and strategy genre, something uncommon today. While the strategy genre remains one of the biggest in the gaming industry, with titles like age of empires Y crusader kings Confirming its popularity, the action-strategy genre doesn’t often feature, probably because its mechanics are quite hard to pin down.

By combining two genres, the action-strategy genre can offer some incredibly unique gameplay opportunities, but if a developer isn’t skilled enough, it can easily lead to a disappointing experience, where both types of gameplay feel mixed. double fine brutal legend is probably the most infamous example of this. While the game started with the player using simplistic hack-and-slash mechanics, a few hours introduced a plethora of strategic mechanics where the player had to command troops and place towers while attacking enemies on the ground. This turned out to be quite divisive, but in the right hands this game can be a breath of fresh air.

minecraft legends it looks like it’s going to follow the basic elements of the genre quite closely. Based on the few advances released so far, it appears that minecraft legends will have the player command armies of villagers against opposing Piglin forces, all while engaging in large-scale battles. It also appears that players will be able to construct various buildings and towers that will likely help the player’s army in some way, either by giving the player more troops to command or an additional line of defense with a turret building.

While this type of game is quite a departure from the main experience, there is a nice crossover between the two. Minecraft game mechanics that help cement minecraft legends as a true extension of the main game. For example, being able to craft weapons, armor, and buildings is drawn directly from Minecraft properly, and while the combat will likely feel quite different from the main game, the same weapons will be used against the same types of enemies that fans have grown accustomed to over the years. minecraft legends it has the potential to be one of the most unique games of the next year as long as it balances its action and strategy elements equally.

minecraft legends It will be released in 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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