Minecraft: 5 Ancient City Seeds

Ancient Towns are one of the most exciting features to be added as part of Minecraft’s Savage Update 1.19. These naturally forming underground societies are packed with loot, new and gruesome mobs, and are a great place to call home after the necessary precautions are taken. These cities spawn exclusively on the newly added deep dark biomes, making them exceptionally difficult to find.

As finding an ancient city can be quite difficult, some players will choose to use established seeds with known ancient city locations. Some seeds are more densely populated with these cities than others and have a lot of them close to spawning. So for players just looking to explore these new additions, seeds like these are a fantastic place to start. All these seeds are the same in both Java and Bedrock.


Five cities near Spawn

Seed: 4927682940043525696

With five cities within a spawn kilometer, this is a phenomenal seed for anyone looking to stock up on plenty of early loot. The five Ancient Cities can be found at the following coordinates:

  • X: 56, Y: -51, Z: 56
  • X: -280, Y: -51, Z: -232
  • X: -696, Y: -51, Z: -216
  • X: -680, Y: -51, Z: 200
  • X: 520, Y: -51, Z: 168

Players spawn in a forest biome, with plains to the north, taiga to the east, and woodland to the south. a close village can also be found at X: 168, Z: 40.

Five cities in five different biomes

Seed: -8520062086370199651

Players who prefer a lot of environmental variety in their world will love this seed. Five Ancient Cities spawn within a kilometer of the spawn. Of course, the cities themselves are all in Deep Dark biomes, but the surface-level biomes they spawn underneath are completely different. The cities are located in:

  • X: 104, Y: -51, Z: 56 (icy spikes)
  • X: 392, Y: -51, Z: 120 (plains)
  • X: -280, Y: -51, Z: 520 (between Forest and Savannah Plateau)
  • X: 104, Y: -51, Z: 904 (stony peaks)
  • X: -344, Y: -51, Z: 904 (wooded badlands)

This is one of the most diverse seeds players will ever see. It features a large desert to the southwest, a deep ocean to the north, which is home to some mushroom islands, taiga to the west, and vast forests of all kinds in all directions.

Six cities and three towns

Seed: -5254466285608432545

This is another great option for players looking for quick loot. While this seed features more cities than the previous two, some of them are a bit further away. Within a 1500×1200 block area near the spawn, a total of six ancient cities and three villages (including a Zombie Plains village) can be found. The cities are located in:

  • X: 232, Y: -51, Z: -216
  • X: 408, Y: -51, Z: -168
  • X: 888, Y: -51, Z: -344
  • X: 1320, Y: -51, Z: -632
  • X: 1288, Y: -51, Z: -1000
  • X: 920, Y: -51, Z: -1096

All three towns can be found on the surface level at:

  • X: 72, Z: -312 (town of the plains)
  • X: 808, Z: -296 (town of the plains)
  • X: -168, Z: -808 ( Zombie Plains Village)

Five cities and three unique types of villages

Seed: 580208893476482440

While this seed is one less city than the previous one, the five cities here are very close to spawning. The three villages are a bit further apart, but still within a kilometer of the spawn. The Ancient Cities can be found in:

  • X: 152, Y: -51, Z: 120
  • X: 568, Y: -51, Z: -232
  • X: 520, Y: -51, Z: 120
  • X: -232, Y: -51, Z: 552
  • X: -664, Y: -51, Z: 200

The first town on the list can be found below a small meadow that also has a Pillager Outpost. For players who are also looking for goats, the first town listed below can be conveniently found next to some Snowy Slopes, where some goats can be found. Each of these towns is located at surface level:

  • X: -344, Z: -840 (snowy town)
  • X: -888, Z: 152 (taiga village)
  • X: 264, Z: 616 (town of the plains)

Ten cities and six towns

Seed: 4049335837352084699

Saving what is easily the best for last, this amazing seed features ten Ancient Cities and six villages (all Plains Villages) in the spawn area. Now, these cities aren’t all within a kilometer of the spawn, so it’ll be a bit of a longer walk, but the ten cities are within the same 1500 × 1200 area, which can be reached after a 700-meter walk from the spawn. The first on the list even has an abandoned mine shaft running through it, with some amethyst geodes as well. The ten Ancient Cities are located in:

  • X: -696, Y: -51, Z: -152
  • X: -952, Y: -51, Z: -728
  • X: -1688, Y: -51, Z: -936
  • X: -1784, Y: -51, Z: -152
  • X: -1432, Y: -51, Z: -168
  • X: -1144, Y: -51, Z: -296
  • X: -1352, Y: -51, Z: 120
  • X: -1112, Y: -51, Z: 504
  • X: -1448, Y: -51, Z: 552
  • X: -1800, Y: -51, Z: 504

All six villages are much closer to spawning, all of them within a kilometer of where players start. Five of these towns are to the west of the spawn location, in the same direction as the cities, so those five can be looted as players make their way to the Old Cities. Only the sixth town listed is to the east:

  • X: -248, Z: -344 (town of the plains)
  • X: -312, Z: 328 (town of the plains)
  • X: -424, Z: 664 (town of the plains)
  • X: -936, Z: 136 (town of the plains)
  • X: -824, Z: -392 (town of the plains)
  • X: 296, Z: -392 (town of the plains)


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