How to fix Minecraft error connecting to server: [Disconnected] Mistake

Minecraft servers are a lot of fun, but a Minecraft player may not be able to join a server due to a variety of issues, including connection failures. In that situation, the player sees a “Disconnected” notification.

Unfortunately, connection problems occur for a multitude of reasons, but the specific one we’ll look at here is a very common mistake. Read on to discover plenty of solutions to this problem,

Possible solutions for the “Disconnect error”

When you get the “Disconnected” error message, you should first check if the server connection is broken. If the server you’re trying to connect to is having issues, that would explain why you’re getting a “Disconnected” message when trying to join the game.

By following the steps below, you can check if it is the Minecraft server you are trying to connect to that is having issues.

Connect to the server.

All versions of the game are supported on this specially created Minecraft test server, which is available at all times. Those who can connect to this server can guarantee that their game is working properly and that it is the server they are trying to join that is having problems.

The “disconnected” error has appeared frequently with the Minecraft 1.19 update, the wild update. This is a fabulous update, but like all updates, this one also has some issues. The remedies listed below can be used by players who are still unable to join due to the “Disconnected” error message.

1) Reboot router

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The simplest course of action is to reboot the router. A faulty or broken router is the most frequent reason for Minecraft server login problems. Before trying to connect to a server, it’s usually a good idea to check your Internet connection.

The “Disconnected” issue is often due to this cause. Players should try to connect to the server IP: to check if the issue is resolved. If that hasn’t helped, check out the other potential solutions on this list.

2) Restart the computer

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This may seem like a very simple solution to the problem at hand, but sometimes simple solutions can solve problems. When a player is dealing with the “Offline” error message, a simple restart of the computer can fix the problem.

After reboot, try again to connect to the test server IP: If the problem is still not fixed, continue with the other options on this list.

3) Log back into your Minecraft account

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For the profile connection and authentication to be updated, you can log out of your Minecraft account and then log back in. Check out the following strategies if the first one doesn’t work.

This can also be an issue if a player hasn’t migrated their Minecraft account to a Microsoft account. This is an easy solution and only requires you to follow the tutorial found in the above link to migrate.

Minecraft: Java Edition is getting more secure! To get there, players will need to migrate to a Microsoft account. Better protection, continuous access to Java, and an awesome layer too! Victory! Learn more here:

4) Disable any firewall

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Players who are still having difficulty connecting to the test server at can temporarily disable their firewall and parental control software before trying again.

They can use the video guide above to disable the firewall. The “disconnection” issue can be caused by possible repeated blocking of the outgoing connection by firewalls or sometimes parental/work controls.

5) Flush your domain name system (DNS)

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A common yet efficient solution to various types of Internet disconnection problems is to flush the DNS. If a player is having trouble connecting to the server, please try again after following the video above and see if the issue is resolved.

Try to access the test server one more time after reinstalling the game; If the bug is fixed, you should be able to join the game without any issues. So try to join the minigame server you were trying to join.


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