Fortnite: how to find (and use) Port-A-Fort

Fortnite: how to find (and use) Port-A-Fort

In Fortnite, players may want to find and use a Port-A-Fort to create a large vertical tower. Finding a Port-A-Fort is also required to finish the missions.

In Fortnite, Port-A-Fort has returned to the game for Chapter 3 Season 3. These items can be used to create a large, narrow structure that players can use to jump to higher ground. Port-A-Forts were originally introduced during Chapter 2 Season 5 in 2018. This item is used in quests and as a way for players to quickly escape a dangerous situation. Players can find Port-A-Fort in both Zero Build and normal modes.

Players will have to search the map in Fortnite to find a Port-A-Fort, which is a pretty rare item. Players will need to explore all the loot spawning areas on the ground, so players need to search chests and supply crates to find the throwable item. Players can also find a spawn on the ground. Additionally, Port-A-Forts have a higher drop chance at the Tilted Towers and Reality Falls locations. Because items are a rarer drop, players should also prioritize finding Supply Drops, as Supply Drops typically only contain loot of a higher rarity. Visually, players will know they have found a Port-A-Fort if they see a small, circular, glowing blue throwable object. Additionally, players should note that they can store multiple Port-A-Forts in their inventory.


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Once the players have found a stop in Port-A-Fort Fortnite, they can equip it from their quick menu. Once equipped, players can hold L2/LT to aim. Players will be able to see an outline of where the tower will spawn before deploying it by holding down the fire trigger. Players will be able to use Port-A-Fort as if they were using a grenade. Once Port-A-Fort lands, it will create a huge narrow four-story tower. While players won’t be able to enter the tower and climb ladders, they can jump on the tires located at the base of the tower and jump high to the top. Also, the tower is made of metal, which is the strongest type of material in Battle Royale in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Port-A-Fort Missions

Fortnite Port-A-Fort Item Effects

Additionally, players will need to find and use a Port-A-Fort if they hope to complete a Season Quest. Players will be challenged to deal damage 30 seconds after deploying a fort for the week 5 quest. To complete this task, players need to make sure to deploy their Port-A-Fort near a lot of enemies that they can quickly damage . If players successfully complete this task, they will be rewarded with 15,000 XP.

Additionally, another quest will ask players to find a Port-a-Fort and Ripsaw Launcher in a single match. Like Port-A-Fort, Ripsaw Launch can also be found on the ground, in chests, and from supply drops. However, unlike the Port-A-Fort, the Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite it also has a guaranteed spawn, which is The Chop Shop. Players will find this location northeast of Logjam Lotus. Notably, the Ripsaw Launcher is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so players can prioritize acquiring the weapon as soon as the match starts if they hope to complete the mission. It should be noted that players only need to collect both items in the same match to complete the quest, and do not need to use them.

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