CDL Major IV Day 1 » Midnite Esports Predictions & Odds

CDL Major IV Day 1 » Midnite Esports Predictions & Odds

In what is the last Call of Duty League Major of the year, all 12 teams will be looking to claim the $500,000 line stake. Plus, with vital ranking points up for grabs and the CDL World Championship bracket wrapping up this weekend, expect to see all the teams put on their best performances. With so much at stake, fans at home and esports enthusiasts can get involved too. For each match we offer the best odds on the Midnite Esports selection for results, specific map results and under/over markets. Additionally, each match will have in-play markets available at the start of the specific match. So why not read our day one breakdown and stack the odds in your favour?

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2022 CDL season so far

As we approach the final Major of the year, it’s time for a quick recap. CDL 2022 has seen plenty of surprises, from FaZe, which won majors in 2021, to this year, where he appeared in every final but lost every time. We have also seen significant improvements with the London Royal Ravens and Seattle Surge becoming title contenders. Also, with many roster changes and new players entering the league, this has been a hotly contested season.

It should also be mentioned that experienced players like Dashy and Cellium have been instrumental throughout the season. With a KD ratio of over 1.20 and an average damage per kill of over 150, it’s no wonder why OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe have performed well.

Day 1 Breakdown and Predictions

First, unlike previous CDL seasons, the 2022 iteration is more competitive. Neither team has won multiple titles, which is a testament to how even the playing field is. Also, mathematically, all teams from 3 to 11 can finish a CDL championship berth or go out with a poor performance. Excluding the last spot of the Paris Legion who can still crash the party, each team will be looking to win and cement a spot.

COD League Fans

Below, we break down each matchup from day one and show the odds direct from Midnite for the results. Plus, we’ve included value market picks that can provide a great return for those looking for something extra.

match 1

London Royal Ravens vs. Toronto Ultra

Midnight esports odds: 1.68 / 2.14

In what must be the biggest turnaround in CDL history, the London Royal Ravens now find themselves safely in third place. From not qualifying for the 2021 World Cup, to now being one of the favourites, you can’t count them. Alternatively, Ultra has had an up and down year, but with a season over +500 they sit in sixth place. Registered in 2022, The Ravens are up 2-1 against Ultra and are the favorites to improve on that record..

match 2

Florida Rioters vs Boston Breach

Midnight esports odds: 2.18/ 1.66

A surprise package this year has been the Boston Breach. With the likes of TJHaLy, Nero, Vivid, and Methodz, they offer a serious threat. However, Florida is an underrated comeback team. Headlined by Owakening, they can cause a stir in this tournament. They mainly start fast in the series’ hardpoint games. Florida has odds of 2.40 for map one, which is a great value. Nevertheless, it should be Breach who wins the series.

match 3

Minnesota RØKKR vs. New York Subliners

Midnight esports odds: 2.48/ 1.51

The New York Subliners season depends on this tournament. To qualify for champions, they need to win Major IV, and with the home crowd advantage that’s a strong possibility. Don’t be surprised if the NYSL does a clean sweep, as they themselves are coming off 4-1 in qualifying. However, Minnesota could crash the party, but with the majority of the crowd against them, it might be a step too far.

match 4

Atlanta FaZe vs. Los Angeles Thieves

Midnight esports odds: 1.27/ 3.60

The LA Thieves may be a long shot, but they’re certainly a team that can upset the odds. In the previous meeting of these teams, FaZe prevailed 3-2 after dominating both S&D 6-0. However, LA outclassed their opponents in comeback modes. Expect FaZe to come out victorious in this matchup, but LA is more than capable of pushing them all the way.

Day one will be action-packed as all teams are wary of the challenge that an early run in the lower bracket can bring. With the likes of Surge and OpTic already at the bottom tier, no one will want to drop down, regardless of their recent form. So, now it’s time to relax and wait for the fireworks to start.

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