Capcom sets the gold standards for Resident Evil remakes

It’s no secret that video game remakes have recently gained popularity. Video game remakes often make more sense when they’re done on an already iconic game stuck on an older platform, which is why demonic resident the remakes are so popular. It is worth noting that most of the entries in demonic residentThe classic era of were released for PlayStation. While these games were revolutionary, they no longer meet today’s standards.

While some criticize remakes as a way for developers to profit from an old game, others see them as a way to revisit an old favorite with better graphics, improved gameplay, and an overall fresh experience. But of course, while the success of video game remakes varies, there’s no denying that Capcom’s remakes of their demonic resident Games have set the standard when it comes to what makes a good remake.


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Resident Evil sets the standard for what a faithful remake should be

In 1996, Capcom released the first demonic resident, which is widely considered to be the culmination of video game technology. However, it is worth noting that while demonic resident it was a huge success, it was an experimental game for Capcom. Due to PlayStation limitations, demonic resident creator Shinji Mikami admitted that trade-offs were made, especially since the team was basically inventing the techniques used to develop the game.

Five years later, Capcom decided to remake demonic resident, which allowed Mikami and his team to develop the game however they wanted. A crucial thing the remake of demonic resident The first thing that is addressed is to fix existing issues such as clunky controls, voice acting, dialogue, and graphics. While most developers would stop after glaring issues were addressed, Capcom took the remake to a new level by adding cut stories, enemies like Lisa Trevor, and locations, giving veteran players a new experience of the classic game. However, what made demonic resident Redo good thing is its fidelity to the source material. Despite the changes, Resident Evil Remake It is essentially the same game but much better.

Resident Evil 2 Shows Reimaginings Aren’t Necessarily Bad

Capcom would take 18 years to develop a new version of a main line demonic resident game from scratch. However, while the long wait may have been painful for demonic resident fans, in many ways, it turned out to be for the better. Enter 2019 Resident Evil 2 Remakethat Capcom approached differently than Resident Evil Remake. Instead of doing a shot-by-shot reenactment resident evil 2Capcom made significant changes to the Resident Evil 2 Remake expanding the roles of other characters such as Robert Kendo and Marvin Branagh.

Also, while the design of the iconic Raccoon Police Department resembles the original, other areas have been reworked from scratch. Despite not being 100% faithful to the original game, the reception by Resident Evil 2 Remake it was positive, especially since the changes Capcom implemented resulted in players having a new experience of the game.

Resident Evil 3 is a perfect example of what not to do in a remake

Of course, no game developer is perfect. While Capcom was able to successfully remake the first two demonic resident games, his streak was broken by the Resident Evil 3 Remake. It is worth noting that like the Resident Evil 2 Remakethe new version of Resident Evil 3 it is also considered a reinvention, since it is not a shot-for-shot recreation of the original. Unfortunately, instead of adding new items similar to demonic resident Y resident Evil 2, Capcom cut iconic places and moments in Resident Evil 3 Remakelike the Clock Tower and Brad’s death at the hands of Nemesis.

Speaking of Nemesis, demonic resident fans weren’t happy with the way the iconic monster was scheduled, especially after the warm reception received by Resident Evil 2 Mr. X. Instead, the encounters with Nemesis were mostly scripted, removing the element of surprise that made him such an iconic villain in the original. Resident Evil 3. However, despite strong criticism, Capcom claims that Resident Evil 3 Remake it still exceeded the studio’s sales expectations.

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What’s in store for Resident Evil 4?

After years of waiting, Capcom finally confirmed the remake of Resident Evil 4 last June. However, it remains to be seen if Resident Evil 4 I would take the road demonic resident presented for being faithful to the source material or if it would continue in Resident Evil 2 steps Looking at just the trailer, it looks like Capcom will be making significant changes to Resident Evil 4given the darker tone that prevails in the teaser.

It is worth noting that while Resident Evil 4 It’s a game dear, it was the game that started Resident Evil way to move away from survival horror in favor of more action-oriented gameplay. Hopefully the studio will implement what it did demonic resident Y resident evil 2 Remake a hit on Resident Evil 4with the company also making sure to avoid the pitfalls suffered by Resident Evil 3. In the end, although Capcom may have misunderstood the expectations of the fans with resident Evil 3, one cannot deny how the studio was able to set the gold standards that make video game remakes worthwhile.

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