Call of Duty League Stage 4 Main Cheat Sheet

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The Call of Duty League online competition is finally over! From here on out it’s LAN LAN and more LAN with the Stage 4 Major next on the docket. Here’s a look at some players to target and fade in the Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major.

Players to target


Seattle is starting the Stage 4 Major in the bottom bracket despite the outright brilliance of Pred, who picked up the Stage 3 MVP award. Pred has a 1.20 KD on Stage 4, bolstered by a 1.23 at Hardpoint and a 1.25 at Control, although slightly held back by a really awful 0.89 on Search and Destroy. The SMG have arguably been the best in the league during Stage 4, though their awful fetch play has landed Seattle in the bind they find themselves in by playing for their lives in the tournament right away.


Cellium is likely the MVP already, but his play in Stage 4 may have sealed the deal. Over the course of the stage, the Cellium line (Hardpoint/SnD/Control) was: 1.22/1.58/1.23. Those kinds of numbers are mind-boggling. His worst K/D is a 1.22 on Hardpoint, which to be clear is the third best Hardpoint K/D in the Call of Duty League. That is just ridiculous. This is the MVP and he plays on the most consistent team in Call of Duty League: FaZe who are the Stage 4 Major favourites.


NYSL needs an absolute miracle to qualify for the playoffs at CoD Champs, which is hardly surprising given their last three finishes in the top three majors. If anyone is going to provide that miracle it’s PaulEhx, who has a 1.13 K/D throughout Stage 4, as well as a fantastic 1.37 K/D in SnD. NYSL finished as the top seed in Stage 4 and looked great, but has put itself in a situation where winning the Major may not be enough to secure qualification for CoD Champs. That qualifying opportunity should be all the motivation this team needs to be at its best, and PaulEhx’s best has been absolutely elite on Stage 4.

players to disappear

2 reais

It’s never fun to constantly put a player here in the red, but once again here’s 2Real. His stats have improved since the last edition of our Call of Duty Cheat Sheet, unfortunately his stat improvement still leaves him 0.11 behind any other starter in the CDL in K/D overall. Barring the tournament of a lifetime, Florida will miss out on CoD Champs and 2Real will find himself back on the free agent market after Major 4. The only positive for 2Real has been his SnD, where he sits with a poor 0.82 K/D, though by far his most improved gameplay over the course of Stage 4.


Another struggling SMG on a struggling team, Jimbo. Jimbo finally has a K/D of over 1.00 in a game mode with 1.03 Control and honestly has looked like the best player in Paris in Stage 4. Unfortunately, being the best player in Paris Legion is like topping the marker while getting 100-point clubbed, is that really the prize you want? Jimbo has probably done enough to hold down a spot in the league heading into the 2023 season, whether it’s with the Vegas Legion when they complete their move or another team looking for a fast SMG like Florida or the LA Guerillas.


Another team starting in the bottom bracket with a struggling SMG…wait a minute Scump says, and the leaderboard shows OpTic going 1-4 in stage 4…let’s take a look at that. OpTic recovered iLLeY and won their first game with their captain in the lineup, albeit against Paris. After that, they fell to the NYSL and were reverse swept by the Toronto Ultra, which amounted to an awful leg overall. Scump is a legend thanks to his consistency, but in Stage 4 everything fell apart for him and OpTic. They finished in 10th place on the stage and will start in the lower bracket facing the underdog from Minnesota and NYSL. This team looks like a mess at the exact wrong time to be fighting.

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