Best Fortnite Parkour Creative Maps and Codes (July 2022)

Best Fortnite Parkour Creative Maps and Codes (July 2022)

Fortnite it always has something new and exciting around every corner, and its fans will never get bored. This popular 100-player deathmatch extravaganza is more than just the battle royale action that made it popular. Fortnite Creative has brought completely new aspects to the game since its launch in 2018, including some of the best maps and parkour codes from Fortnite Creative.

Players can use map codes to try out player-created maps, including fun and unique parkour courses. Similar to deathrun maps, most parkour courses focus on forcing players to make daring and skillful jumps to reach the finish line.

Below are some of the best Fortnite Creative parkour maps currently available, from easier courses to play to more difficult courses that will put your parkour skills to the test, as well as the creative codes you need to play them.

Creative Fortnite Parkour Maps

infinite parkour

creative code: 7004-5908-4189

infinite parkour Was created by mackjacktwitch, and it does not disappoint. This map contains one of the best concepts found in Fortnite Creative to date.

Throughout the parkour course, you will have to take on other players to become the last player standing at the end. The course is randomly generated, so players never fully know what to expect.

At the start of each round, a random variety of small parkour courses are chosen. Players must complete each by climbing to the top. They must be quick because the goal is to be the last person to be eliminated by the deadly rising lava.

As you play, you are given coins as a reward. Players can use these coins to buy advantages for themselves or disadvantages to sabotage their opponents. This is a great Fortnite parkour map for those who want to try a fun and competitive game mode.

Easy Rainbow Run

creative code: 1025-0916-0505

Easy Rainbow Run is a super colorful course designed by Khalidus. It’s not too difficult and relatively easy to master.

Players can use this map code if they want to experience a relaxed parkour course while spending time casually playing with their friends. This parkour map is definitely better when played with groups.

Focus is not required while running this map, as it is needed in some of the more difficult parkour courses. This course is simply for you and your friends to have an easy and fun time together.

The experience of this creative Fortnite map is similar to that of a creatively designed roller coaster instead of an extreme parkour track. Make sure to bring your good vibes and fellow gamers to relax among the clouds and rainbows as you run through this map.

Parkour Skill Deathstroke

creative code: 8911-3482-9121

Parkour Skill Death Runcreated by Chase Jackman, it is nothing like the parkour map mentioned above. It was previously called Beauty Deathrun, due to its wonderfully designed atmosphere that players experience while playing on the course.

The name change happened to reinforce what map fans already knew: the map’s aesthetic isn’t the only thing that’s surprising about this parkour course. Parkour Skill Deathrun can be found in the Discovery tab due to the fantastic map level design and parkour location.

Players can challenge their jumping skills while surrounded by beautiful scenery. The map also features new levels being added weekly, so players never have to worry about getting bored.

FFA parkour wars!

FFA parkour wars!
FFA parkour wars!

creative code: 9534-9804-6627

FFA parkour wars! was designed by Echo. This might not be the fanciest or most extravagant Fortnite Creative parkour map out there, but it’s insanely fun to play.

This course provides a great and easy way to have fun while playing with your gaming friends. It’s also great to use as a warm-up before starting a Battle Royale match.

The parkour course is short and straightforward, but the challenge lies in making sure you reach the finish line before anyone else. This may seem obvious, but there’s a fun trick to the standard objective of any parkour run: the first person to finish the parkour run gets access to various weapons.

The player who got there first can use those weapons on opposing players to taunt and distract them as they try to finish the course. It’s also a good way to remind them who the winner is.

The map can hold up to 16 players, making it a great party parkour map for quick runs with your friends.

Ruin City Slide Parkour

creative code: 1564-5327-0724

Ruin City Slide Parkour is the first of its kind and was created by Rozaysev. Fortnite finally introduced a sliding mechanic earlier in Chapter 3, during Season 1, and this parkour map is the first known Fortnite creative map to use sliding as a parkour mechanic.

Throughout the course, players must use well-timed jumps and speed-boosting slides to reach the most complex locations on the map. The Ruination City Slide Parkour course is difficult from the start, and there is no learning curve for players to get used to. This parkour course is not for beginners.

Since this parkour map is the first of its kind, it is paving the way for other creators to also take advantage of the sliding mechanic when building their parkour courses. The map description simply asks, “Can you escape the ruin?” If you want to challenge yourself, you should definitely try this map.

12 Hour Skyline Parkour

creative code: 8179-2745-8881

Last we have 12 Hour Skyline Parkourdesigned by 12. If you’ve ever played the Mirror’s Edge series, you’ll probably enjoy this creative Fortnite map.

For this parkour map, players must find the fastest way to maneuver through the course. They will have to do this while avoiding the shots from the surrounding guards.

You must be quick enough to dodge the bullets and skillful enough to get through the parkour course. The map has an open world concept with a busy cityscape style. This is a fun and unique way to challenge yourself while navigating a parkour map, and it’s one of the best Fortnite Creative parkour maps.

Fortnite is free to play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Android.

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