Should Capcom Remake Resident Evil 5 Next?

Last month, after several years of teasing, Capcom finally confirmed the long-awaited new version of Resident Evil 4. Of course, the game’s announcement comes as no surprise at this point, especially since Capcom became the king of remakes after successfully bringing back the first three games in the demonic resident franchise.

However, while Resident Evil 4 Remake is still in development, players are naturally wondering what Capcom plans to do with the franchise next. The studio will probably create a sequel to Resident Evil Village first before venturing out again to do remakes, at any rate. So while it’s still unknown what Capcom plans to redo next, the most likely contender is resident bad 5. However, this raises the question of whether resident bad 5 you need a new version at all.


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The pros and cons of a Resident Evil 5 remake

It’s no secret that resident bad 5 it is often criticized for straying too far from the survival horror game of its predecessors thanks to its action-packed gameplay. However, despite the criticism the game continues to receive, it’s worth noting that resident bad 5 still the best seller demonic resident game, pumping out 13.4 million units sold. Of course, much of Resident Evil 5 the success can be attributed to the already established name of the franchise and the anticipation of the sequel to Resident Evil 4.

However despite Resident Evil 5 popularity, there are many elements in the game that Capcom could improve with a new version. For example, one of the biggest criticisms of resident bad 5 it’s their poor AI technology. Quite often, the AI ​​companion gets in the way of the player, leading to a frustrating experience. Through a new version, Capcom could implement a new AI technology to make it smarter and really help the player as they progress through the game. In addition, Capcom could also reduce the game’s action level from resident bad 5 making it darker and more horror-focused, similar to what the studio seems to be doing for Resident Evil 4

Of course, while most fans would probably welcome a remake of resident bad 5, Capcom needs to be wary of the potential downsides of re-imagining the game. It should be remembered that the 2020 remake of Resident Evil 3 It didn’t live up to fans’ expectations, especially after the remake lost a lot of the things fans loved about the original game. Without the right team and vision to handle a new version of resident bad 5Capcom could repeat the mistakes it made with Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Not to mention that if Capcom decides to keep releasing remakes in the future, the studio could ruin the game. demonic resident brand reputation. Having a video game franchise focused on previous titles could give the impression that the series is only relevant thanks to its strong back catalog instead of developing new entries to push the franchise forward.

Weather resident bad 5 is the most likely contender as Capcom’s next remake project, it’s worth remembering that doing so would be putting a nail in the coffin of a Resident Evil Code Veronica Redo. After the Resident Evil 3 Remake release in 2020, some fans expected Capcom to remake veronica code next, since it is the main line demonic resident game that comes after Resident Evil 3.

Unfortunately for fans of veronica codelast month’s reveal Resident Evil 4 Remake basically killed his chance to become the next demonic resident Redo. However, it’s worth noting that from the very beginning, Capcom has developed and released remakes chronologically. So the fact that you skipped Resident Evil Code Veronica it may indicate that the studio isn’t interested in revisiting Claire Redfield’s trip to Rockfort Island.

resident bad 5 It is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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