How to align the three mirrors (Vibin’ Quests Part 5)

How to align the three mirrors (Vibin’ Quests Part 5)

One of the latest challenges in Fortnite’s Vibin questline involves lining up mirrors at Shuffled Shrines. Here’s how to locate and align them.

The fifth part of Fortnite Chapter Three Season Three The Vibin questline is now available, tasking players with completing another set of objectives, including lining up a unique set of mirrors in shuffled shrines in exchange for XP. With the Vibin’ quest series, FortniteDevelopers at Epic Games have continued to evolve their hit game, with the player tasked with traveling around the island, completing objectives to progress further through the game’s story. FortniteThe last chapter of . With the many cool cosmetic items included in Fortnite latest Battle Pass, players will find the Vibin’ quest series extremely useful for all the XP it provides.


However, before players can delve into the ancient ruins of Shuffled Shrines, they must first have completed all of the previous quest objectives in the Vibin’ questline, including all of Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as the first ten goals. from Part 5. For players who haven’t yet committed to the Vibin’ questline’s unique combination of objectives, this will be a lengthy process involving traveling all over the island and completing nearly 50 separate objectives. Some of these are relatively simple and involve the player visiting specific locations or collecting certain items, but others, like tracking down and defeating Darth Vader in the Fortnite island, it can be a challenge for those who are not prepared.

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Once the player has successfully defeated the misguided Sith Lord and progressed to Part 5 of the Vibin’ questline, they will find themselves frequently traveling to Shuffled Shrines to complete objectives, primarily focused on collecting hidden items known as Relic Shards. . To find the final relic fragment in the Shuffled Shrines, the player is tasked with aligning a set of mirrors to focus a beam of light that points the way to their target.

How to line up mirrors in shuffled shrines in Fortnite

Fortnite character overlooking shuffled shrines

Pragmatic players should avoid landing directly on Shuffled Shrines and running off in search of the mirrors. While this location might not have been a popular landing spot in Fortnite above, the new Vibin’ quests and challenges related to the recent arrival of the famous archaeologist Indiana Jones to Fortnite have encouraged more players to land there. Lining up the mirrors can be difficult when dodging bullets, so a good strategy is to land on the outskirts and collect weapons to try and take out other players first.

There are three mirrors for the player to line up, the first of which will be marked on the map if the player chooses to track Vibin’s quest line targets in their quest menus. The challenge takes players to an underground section of the ruins; aligning the first mirror will change a beam of light, leading the player to the nearby second mirror. Aligning the second mirror will take the player to the final mirror, which, when aligned, points the player directly to the third reality shard. Completing the challenge awards the player 7,000 XP.

like several others Fortnite missions, which require the player to complete objectives such as collecting floating rings in Fortnite Reality Falls, the main challenge actually lies in fending off other players in the same area who are hell-bent on racking up kills and finding loot. Therefore, going deeper into the Shuffled Shrines ruins, players should remember to arm themselves with some weapons and consumables beforehand.

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