Fortnite Zero Build Best Weapons and Tips

Fortnite Zero Build Best Weapons and Tips

These are the best weapons and tips that Fortnite Zero Build players will need to easily win matches on a consistent basis.

Fortnite Zero Build has quickly risen up the Fortnite ranks as one of the most popular modes in Battle Royale. Many players prefer it to the original build mode.

But due to the removal of the build mechanic, Fortnite Zero Build implemented a more refined movement system.

Here we round up the best weapons for Fortnite Zero Build and some essential tips to help you get a crown of victory.

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Best Fortnite Zero Build Weapons

These are the best weapons to use in Fortnite Zero Build mode to get easy wins and melt your competition.

Fortnite Zero Build mode puts more emphasis on precision and player movement. Players cannot build around it to avoid danger.

So for the best chance of survival, having a great weapon is critical. Too many times, players think they can get by with a charged SMG only to be outmatched by someone using a handgun.

Weapons matter in Fortnite Zero Build, and these are the best ones you’ll find on the island in Chapter 3 Season 3:

  • DMR
  • Ranger Assault Rifle
  • combat submachine gun
  • stinger submachine gun
  • heavy sniper rifle
  • automatic shotgun
  • hand gun

One of the most important factors when selecting your weapon is rarity. The difference between a rare weapon and an epic weapon is huge. If you’re making your way up to the final circle and don’t have at least one Epic in your inventory, chances are you’re no match for other players.

Especially with the addition of Reality Seeds this season allowing players to start the match with Legendary and even Mythic gear.

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Best Long Range Weapon in Zero Build

The best long range weapon in Fortnite right now is clearly the DMR, followed by the heavy sniper rifle as a close second.

The DMR has a steady rate of fire, decent recoil control, and high damage. It pushes the heavy sniper rifle because it gives players more versatility. In Zero Build, you will notice that you move a lot more.

If you miss a shot with the heavy sniper rifle, the enemy will push you back almost immediately. The heavy sniper rifle is still fantastic, especially if you spot an enemy first.

Having a solid long range weapon in Fortnite Zero Build is crucial to survival. There will be many occasions where players will shoot you from afar.

Without any way to return fire, the chances of getting pushed back are much higher.

Fortnite Heavy Sniper

Best overall weapon in Zero Build

The best overall weapon in Fortnite Zero Build is a draw between the combat submachine gun Y Ranger Assault Rifle.

These two weapons are clearly a cut above the rest, but depending on your playstyle, you may prefer one over the other.

If you’re looking to run over your enemies and take them out with an aggressive playstyle, then the Combat SMG is a weapon you should always strive to pick up. But always remember to get at least one Epic for the final circle.

If you like to be a tactician for a certain range, then the Ranger Assault Rifle will be your trusty companion. It has excellent damage control and recoil. If enemies try to run away, you can quickly finish them off.

They’re also great for completing Indiana Jones Battle Pass challenges and rewards!

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Best Fortnite Zero Build Tips for Easy Earnings

To get back-to-back wins in Fortnite Zero Build, you need to set yourself up for success early on.

To win easily, follow these steps:

  • When you land, don’t think about getting the best loot. Prioritize your shields and get at least one weapon. That way you’ll be ready to quickly challenge another player who prioritized rare weapons but has no shields.
  • Try to have at least three weapons in your inventory. We recommend going with a Combat SMG/Range Assault Rifle, a Heavy Sniper Rifle/DMR, and an Auto Shotgun.
  • Plan your fall. Dropping in a hot zone is fine, but learn the area and make note of which buildings have loot for you to grab. Don’t push until you have full shields and a decent weapon.
  • Do not accumulate too many healing items. Healing mid-fight is almost impossible in Fortnite Zero Build unless you have a Med-Mist. Elements like Rift-to-Go are much more important.
  • Use as much cover as you can to spin around the map. If there are buildings, try to keep the ground high.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to multiple Victory Royales! These tips are also useful to get all the rewards in Fornite Zero Build Arena Mode.

These weapons are also valuable when playing Save the World, which players can use to easily level up in the battle pass!

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