Everything that comes in the Resident Evil Village Winters expansion

It’s no secret that Resident Evil Village it was a huge success for Capcom. Shortly after its launch last year, Resident Evil Village it sold over 6 million units worldwide, further establishing the franchise’s relevance in today’s video games. Last month, after more than a year of waiting, Capcom finally gave demonic resident fans a much needed update on the upcoming DLC ​​for Resident Evil Village.

Dubbed the Winters Expansion, the DLC is scheduled to release on October 28 and will consist of various pieces of content. As announced by Capcom, the Winters Expansion consists of a new story campaign set after the events of Resident Evil Villagea new mode that gives players a different perspective to play the base game and an update to the Mercenaries mode.


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Resident Evil Village DLC: Shadows of Rose

The most anticipated content included in The Winters Expansion is the new story campaign titled Shadows of Rose. In a trailer released by Capcom, Shadows of Rose will explore the story of Rose Winters, 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village. It’s worth noting that, unlike the main game, Shadows of Rose will be played entirely from a third-person perspective. In the next story DLC, Rose returns to the iconic town, where she runs into someone who looks exactly like her. Using her powers to traverse the town, Rose appears to be guided by a mysterious presence known as “Michael”.

While Shadows of Rose is just an extension of Resident Evil Village story, many speculate that the events that would take place in the DLC could be a setup for what is to come in the next mainline entry in the demonic resident franchise. But of course, while it’s exciting to see how Capcom plans to move forward with the franchise with Rose at the helm, the big time jump could mean the end of the line for legacy characters that have been in demonic resident since the 90s.

Resident Evil Village DLC: Third Person Mode

Another exciting part of Resident Evil Village Winters Expansion is the addition of a third person mode. It is worth remembering that in Resident Evil 7 Y VillageCapcom divided its fan base somewhat by moving from the proven third-person mode in favor of a first-person perspective. Fortunately, adding a third-person mode will allow players to experience Resident Evil Village the traditional way. Also, the third-person mode is expected to reduce the horror factor of Resident Evil Villagewhich should benefit players who find first person too intimidating.

Resident Evil Village DLC: The Mercenaries Additional Orders

Aside from Shadows of Rose and Third-Person, Resident Evil Village it’s also getting an expansion for its Mercenaries mode. According to Capcom, the DLC expansion will add three new playable characters to Mercenaries mode: Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and of course, fan-favorite Lady Dimitrescu. Additionally, The Mercenaries Additional Orders will include new stages for players to test their combat skills. It should be noted that Resident Evil Village Mercenaries mode will only unlock after players complete the main story campaign.

Resident Evil Re:Verse

Weather Resident Evil Re:Verse isn’t technically part of The Winters Expansion, Capcom confirmed that the multiplayer game, originally scheduled to launch alongside Resident Evil Village, will now be released alongside the DLC on October 28. For the uninitiated, Resident Evil Re:Verse is a six-player PvP deathmatch game in which players can play as different characters throughout the franchise.

The confirmed lineup of human characters currently includes Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and HUNK. On the other hand, confirmed playable bioweapons include Fat Molded, Hunter Gamma, Jack Baker, Nemesis, and Tyrant T-103 (Mr. X). While the multiplayer game had an open beta test in April 2021, it ended earlier than scheduled due to matchmaking issues, causing Resident Evil Re:Verse possible delay.

Resident Evil Village It’s out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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