Ella Balinska is Scary Good in ‘Resident Evil’

Ella Balinska is Scary Good in ‘Resident Evil’

Hello everyone and happy hump day! Today is a glorious day, because not only are we halfway through the week, but it’s also time for another Woman Crush Wednesday. where we celebrate the laudable ladies whose memorable and moving performances help turn our favorite new streaming movies and TV shows into hits and home runs. This week, we spotlight an amazing actress who has already accomplished a lot at the age of just 25. She is a multi-talented and dedicated artist destined for greatness, so be sure to remember her name when you leave her. , your WCW, the great Ella Balinska!

WHO’S THAT GIRL: she balinska

WHY WE’RE CRUSHING: Balinska plays Jade Wesker in the Netflix original title demonic residentwhich premieres on the platform this Thursday, July 14. Based on the popular Japanese video game series of the same name, demonic resident is an eight-episode action-horror series that begins with Jade Wesker (Balinska) in 2036, 14 years after a viral outbreak called the T-virus caused a global apocalypse. Jade promises to do whatever it takes to take down those responsible, all while she fights for her life to survive against the Infected. The show also involves a “past” storyline set in 2022 that follows Dr. Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) and his 14-year-old half-twin daughters Jade (Tamara Smart) and Billie (Siena Agudong) through tumultuous years they saw the initial outbreak. of the T-Virus and the discovery of a dark hidden legacy from Albert’s employer, the Umbrella Corporation.

Publications (including us here at decider) and fans are already singing the praises of Netflix. demonic resident series, so be sure to check out Balinska and the rest of the cast’s incredible work on this exciting reimagining of a beloved gaming story as soon as you can.

WHERE HAVE YOU SEEN IT BEFORE: Balinska’s professional screen career began in 2015, when she played Tanya Mason in a comedy-thriller feature film. Junction 9. From there, the actress wasted no time building her filmography with dynamic performances in a diverse range of short films including the 2015 thriller thanatos2016 action movie hunted2017 science fiction levels of the tropicsand comedy of 2017 10 men and gwen. Then in 2018, Balinska broke into the television realm with one-episode guest appearances on medical drama. Victim and crime drama Midsomer Murders before landing the lead role as Nyela Malik in the coming-of-age drama the athenain which he acted until the show’s conclusion in 2019.

However, it was in 2019 that Balinska had her biggest role to date starring alongside Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott as Jane Kano in an action-comedy film. Charlie’s Angels, immediately taking her career to the next level and making her a household name around the world. After that, she headlined another feature film, the 2020 horror thriller. run darling run, cementing her as a working force to be reckoned with on screens big and small, and all in an astounding span of just five years. With all of this already under her belt, we have no doubt that Balinska has a long and successful acting career ahead of her, and we can’t wait to see what other wonders she has in store for the years to come.

WHERE WILL YOU SEE HER AGAIN: Fortunately, you won’t have to wait much longer to see more of Balinska, as the actress already has two projects in the works. Expect to hear her bring Frey Holland to life in early 2023, an action role-playing video game. abandonedas well as seeing her star as Abby in the upcoming sci-fi mystery drama film. the occupantwhich follows your character through attempts to escape the harsh and remote Russian wilderness after managing to survive a mysterious mishap to the plan.

To get even more from Balinska in the meantime, be sure to follow her on Twitter Y Instagram so you don’t miss a moment of your wonderful WCW!

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