Call of Duty Zombies’ Call of the Dead and Mob of the Dead maps deserve faithful remakes

Call of Duty Zombies’ Call of the Dead and Mob of the Dead maps deserve faithful remakes

Obligations zombies hasn’t shied away from remakes, as one of its most successful releases of all time is a collection of updated maps. The original Zombies Chronicles for call of duty: black ops 3 it was full of faithfully redone maps, though this hasn’t been the only style Treyarch has used when bringing old locations to another game or engine.

A few times, fans have had the chance to witness reimaginings of classics. Obligations Zombie maps, with mixed responses to this process. While the idea of ​​expanding an old map to add new areas or Easter eggs sounds great on paper, not all of these additions are well received. For example, while Shi No Numa Reborn and Classified were huge hits with fans, the same can’t be said for Alpha Omega. With Blood of the Dead and Tag Der Toten also dividing the community, faithful versions of Mob of the Dead and Call of the Dead would be welcome.


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The strengths of Call of the Dead and Mob of the Dead

Both Call of the Dead and Mob of the Dead have one thing in common, and that is their celebrity cast. In Call of the Dead, players control Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, and Michael Rooker, with George Romero being the mini-boss of the map. In Mob of the Dead, iconic gangster movie actors make up the cast. Chazz Palminteri, Michael Madsen, Joe Pantoliano and the late Ray Liotta play fictional mobsters trapped in a hellish version of Alcatraz.

While bringing these actors back for a remake would surely be a barrier, especially since George Romero and Ray Liotta have died in the time since the maps were released, perhaps their voice lines could be remastered. While the constantly used survivor groups like Primis, Ultimis, and even Victis were always cool to watch, having these unique casts gave the two maps a very different feel. Players controlled figures with unique personalities, and some new narrative elements were able to be incorporated due to the different characters players controlled.

Both maps also played very well from a gameplay perspective. While some were frustrated that George Romero was constantly stalking them throughout Call of the Dead, the mechanics tied to George created a unique boss that gave Call of the Dead a feel unlike any other map. The map aesthetic was also great, with the blizzard and freezing water still standing out more than a decade later. As for Mob of the Dead, its storytelling remains second to none, with everything about the map serving the larger narrative. On top of this, building the plane and flying over the Golden Gate Bridge is satisfying no matter how many times players do it.

Blood of the Dead and Tag Der Toten feel like completely different maps

While fans have technically already seen new versions of these two maps, their status as a reimagining means they didn’t play like the original versions. For starters, the celebrity casts were swapped in favor of Primis and Victis, with Blood of the Dead and Call of the Dead telling their own stories that helped wrap up Aether’s original narrative. While it was great to see these characters again, and Blood of the Dead’s main quest featured the most emotional scene in Cod Zombies’ story, a new cast, and a narrative approach to each reimagined map all contributed to creating a different vibe.

Gameplay-wise, the maps played very differently from their predecessors. Blood of the Dead spawned players into a whole new part of the map, for example by asking them to traverse a catwalk and hordes of zombies in a challenging and memorable sequence. However, while this new area and the added Keeper’s House were neat, the map was missing the airplane building and Golden Gate Bridge from the original Mob of the Dead, something many fans said they missed. With different side quests to complete and an additional part of the map to explore, the flow was completely changed.

Tag Der Toten is a similar case, as this map took players into a very different version of the Siberian Wasteland. While this map was generally better received by Obligations Zombies community, it still felt very different from Call of the Dead. Much like Blood of the Dead, players spawn in a part of the map that didn’t exist before, with a large lab that can also be explored. While there’s plenty more to do in Tag Der Toten when it comes to Easter Eggs, some miss the bleaker weather of the original map. Similarly, George Romero is nowhere to be seen, and some fans find the map too easy without his presence. Scavenger and VR-11 Wonder Weapons are also missing, which disappointed some players.

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Complete a standalone Zombies game or Zombies Chronicles 2

Fortunately for Treyarch, it might have a few opportunities to provide more visually impressive versions of these two maps. While the next major developer run Obligations Game in 2024 is an option, fans would probably prefer to see original maps in that game. However, the much-rumored indie game Zombies would make a great outlet for new takes on classic maps. While this project could also provide new maps, it would also be a great place to republish classic maps. This way Treyarch could focus most of their attention on Obligations 2024’s Zombies mode, with the leaked indie game mostly built around remakes and a possible map editor.

While it is not clear whether the independent Obligations The Zombies game will actually happen, Zombies Chronicles 2 has also been rumored, which could be released as an add-on for an existing Treyarch game. While this DLC would likely include Buried, Die Rise, and TranZit, three maps would pale in comparison to the eight offered in the original Zombies Chronicles. Even including the TranZit Survival maps (Town, Farm, and Bus Depot) would leave Treyarch with a total of six maps. However, faithful versions of Call of the Dead and Mob of the Dead would bring the count to eight. While Treyarch could remake the original versions of Nuketown and Five, Call of the Dead and Mob of the Dead should also be prioritized.

Considering how different Call of the Dead and Mob of the Dead feel compared to Blood of the Dead and Tag Der Toten, it would be great to see them get faithful remakes one day. After all, other classics like Origins have been remade to play almost exactly as they originally did with Zombies Chronicles. Given the aged appearance of Call of the Dead, as it is only playable in the original covert operations, and Mob of the Dead’s legacy as one of the best Zombies experiences, these maps should get some faithful remakes soon. From celebrity casts to map designs to Easter eggs, everything about these Obligations zombies the maps need to stay the same if the remakes ever come to fruition.

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