10 Most Dangerous Mobs In The Game, Ranked

10 Most Dangerous Mobs In The Game, Ranked

how do you decide what Minecraft The most dangerous mobs are? Is it based on the threat they pose or how likely you are to find them? How about how much damage they do? Whatever your criteria, there is not a small number of creatures in the game that could constitute the most dangerous in Minecraft.

Each hostile creature in the game’s impressively long list of mobs boasts a wide variety of abilities and powerful attacks. In fact, it often seems that the number of threats is endless. However, certain creatures have specific abilities that present a much greater danger to the player than others. With that in mind, here’s our list of some of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft!


#10 – Enderman

Whether you’re in the Overworld, the Nether, or the End, you’re never too far from an Enderman. While these mobs are generally passive, they can deal serious damage when provoked. All it takes is one accidental glance into their eyes, and suddenly they’re on your tail!

The Endermen will chase you until they are killed, using their surprisingly fast speed to keep up. His teleportation ability makes ranged attacks virtually useless and melee attacks difficult, as you’ll be able to land one or two hits at most before the Enderman moves away. They deal pretty good damage compared to other mobs, making groups of Endermen particularly dangerous. Make sure to bring a carved pumpkin to use at the end!

#9 – Charged Vine

Creepers are the enemy of all Minecraft players, beginners or experts; however, the Charged Creeper is an even more devastating form of this common Minecraft enemy. These mobs only form when lightning strikes within four blocks of a normal vine. The beam can be random or directed by the player, but either way, the resulting mob is a super explosive Creeper.

What makes these mobs that much more dangerous is their powerful explosions. They can have the same countdown as a normal vine, but their explosions will do the trick. double so much damage. Furthermore, Charged Creepers will be 50% more destructive than a single TNT block.

#8 – Elder Guardian

The Elder Guardian is by far the biggest and strongest aquatic mob in the game. With a whopping 40 hearts of health, this formidable foe has three main modes of attack.

First, it can inflict Mining Fatigue III. This decreases both attack and mining speed, making fast attacks or tunneling incredibly slow. Second, it has a spike defense attack. Every time you hit the Elder Guardian while his spikes are out, it will deal 2.5 to 3 hearts of damage. Lastly, his laser attack. This ranged attack is unblockable and has a range of 14 blocks, dealing 2.5 to 6 hearts of damage.

#7 – Withered Skeleton

Roaming the halls of the Nether Keep, the skeleton Wither presents a significant threat. Although they may look like normal skeletons, these mobs are equipped with a sword and an assassin status effect.

When you are hit by an attack from a Wither skeleton, you will be affected by its undead ability: the Wither effect. It lasts for 10 seconds, turning your health bar black and depleting it by a full heart every two seconds. In a way, it’s similar to Poison; however, a key difference is that players can die from the wither effect. If you are trapped in the Nether Fortress, this makes you very vulnerable to flame attacks. On top of this, his melee attacks are also nothing to laugh at. They can deal between 2.5 hearts and 6 hearts depending on the difficulty.

#6 – Vindicator

Spawning from forest mansions and raids, Vindicators can be as intimidating as their name sounds. These mobs are hostile to players, meaning they will attack if they see you. They will even call out to other nearby Vindicators, resulting in an angry mob of axe-wielding enemies.

Although it appears that they only wield an average stone axe, their melee attacks are related to the Piglin Brute in brute force. Each ax swing can deal 3.75 to 9.75 hearts of damage depending on difficulty, with a one hit kill chance in Hardcore mode, so make sure you’re well armored! What’s even more dangerous about these mobs is that they can disable players’ shields for 5 seconds. This ability becomes even more devastating if you’re fighting a Ravager-mounted Vindicator!

#5 – Evocative

Similar to the Vindicators, these mobs only appear in the fifth wave of illager raids or in a forest mansion. Although, unlike the Vindicator, the Evoker’s spell-type attacks and summons make it more unpredictable. This gives it the potential to be unexpectedly dangerous.

As wielders of magic, summoners use two main attacks: summoning fangs and vexations. The evoker’s fangs will erupt from the ground in a line (or in a circle if in close combat), dealing 3 hearts of damage that will only be mitigated by Protection enchantments. After this, summoners can also summon up to 3 times at a time, and each time can dish out between 2.75 and 6.75 hearts, depending on the difficulty. Fortunately, summoners have pretty clear signals and warn you of their attacks. Just watch out for combo attacks if you’re on Java Edition!

#4 – Brute Piglin

If you’re looking to clear out a Nether Stronghold, watch out for the Piglin Brute. You will more than likely come across these mobs while exploring, so they are definitely an enemy to prepare for. Unlike normal Piglins, Piglin Brutes do not trade, do not retreat, and are not distracted by gold. With these mobs, it is In sight.

Although his health is only about 6.5 hearts on Normal, you’ll want to fight this mob at range. Groups of Piglin Brutes can quickly devastate your health, as their raw melee attacks deal a massive amount of damage, up to 9.5 hearts on Hard. This makes them one of the strongest mobs in the game, second only to the peaceful Iron Golems and the terrifying Warden.

#3 – The Ender Dragon

The final boss of Minecraft: the Ender Dragon. Giant, flying, with a strong 200 HP health bar, the Ender Dragon can only take damage from explosions and player-based damage. He is immune to all status effects and can regenerate health using nearby ultimate crystals, making him the toughest mob in the game.

What makes the Ender Dragon so dangerous is its wide variety of attacks: wing attacks, headbutts that send players flying, dragon breath, and dragon fireballs. Each of these will deal significant damage to an unprepared player and deal magic damage that bypasses armor without the Protection enchantment. However, since it has been an integral part of the Minecraft experience since the beginning, there are numerous well-documented ways to take it down.

#2 – The Guardian

Minecraft’s newest mob is hostile, incredibly powerful, and ridiculously hard to take down. While the Ender Dragon will of course present a significant challenge, the Warden’s presence in the Overworld makes it that much more likely that he’ll run into it. Also, any mob that can kill a player wearing fully enchanted Netherite armor in just two hits deserves at least #2 on this list.

In addition to his powerful melee attacks (which can temporarily disable shields, by the way), Warden also boasts a deadly sonic blast attack. This ranged attack will bypass blocks, all armor, and even other mobs, making it nearly impossible to avoid. Not to mention, it gives nearby players 12 seconds of Darkness on spawn, obscuring vision so he can dash out of nowhere. With immunities to fire, lava, and knockback effects, this mob is definitely one to watch out for.

#1 – The Withered

If you decide to generate a Wither, get ready for a really tough fight! There’s no end to what makes this creature the most dangerous mob in Minecraft, so let’s break down its many (many) abilities.

Aside from Java Edition Warden, Wither has the highest natural health in the game: roughly 300 HP on Java and 600 on Bedrock. Upon spawning, he will remain invulnerable as he grows in size and will then unleash a massive blast capable of dealing almost 50 hearts of damage. Once he is fully formed, he has incredible mobility, able to easily follow the player when provoked by flying or hovering. Even scarier, this mob will shoot exploding skulls that deal 2.5-6 hearts of damage. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s immune to pretty much all status effects and has some pretty effective passive health regeneration. All of this, along with a special “withered armor” that makes him immune to arrows and pitchforks when below half his health, makes Wither the most dangerous mob in Minecraft.

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