The Fortnite rivalry between Tfue and Ninja continues as they face off in Season 3

The Fortnite rivalry between Tfue and Ninja continues as they face off in Season 3

Fortnite is set to release update 21.20 on July 6, 2022. Indiana Jones will finally be available in the Battle Pass, No Sweat Summer content is coming to Battle Royale modes, and as usual, the Reality Tree will continue to grow.

The community has sky-high expectations for Fortnite v21.20. Even though the map changes have been frequent and brilliant in Chapter 3 Season 3, the No Sweat Summer event and the XP system (in terms of more opportunities to earn XP) are certainly in need of improvement.

Reality Root growing in Fortnite
Reality Roots heading towards Sleepy Sound in Fortnite (Image via JayKey/FN)

Here’s everything players can expect in the second big update for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

Fortnite Reality Tree will affect Condo Canyon, Sleepy Sound and Temple Bloom in v21.10

First of all, Reality Tree will hit hot spots like Sleepy Sound. The Loopers have discovered a new set of roots near Shifty Shafts and are most likely heading towards Sleepy.

Another place where we will see the influence of the Reality Tree is Condo Canyon. Interestingly, leakers have already revealed the upcoming themes. Like Butter Bloom and Logjam Lotus, Sleepy Sound and Condo Canyon will have recurring themes including:

  • border
  • Coliseum
  • coral castle
  • Neo Tillted for Sleepy Sound and Lazy Lagoon for Condo Canyon

There is also a Reality Root near the Temple Bloom landmark. HYPEX has revealed that one of the tracks on Temple Bloom is codenamed The Tower in the files, and that’s the only information we have for now.

There is a possibility that v21.20 will only focus on Condo Canyon and Sleepy Sound as the developers are yet to add the updated version of Temple Bloom in the files.

New Indiana Jones skin and temple to arrive at Fortnite v21.20

Indiana Jones is the secret skin of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass. It cannot be unlocked at this time and will be available starting July 7, 2022. Loopers who own the Battle Pass will need to complete special missions to unlock cosmetics including:

  • Indiana Jones costume
  • Indiana Jones Flag Icon
  • Raider Relic Harvesting Tool
  • Rebel Archeology Wrap
  • Back Bling Expedition Bag

It’s worth noting that these are the cosmetics on page 1. Not only will these be unlockable with v21.20, but you’ll also be able to see the next page.

Although this might be a stretch, many players believe that Indiana Jones will get his own spawn location. The aforementioned Temple Bloom POI could become a temple dedicated to the Indiana Jones boss/NPC. However, readers should take this statement with a grain of salt.

New No Sweat Summer content for Fortnite Battle Royale

The Island Hopper missions were decent, but players were disappointed to see them as the only “summer event” content. However, leakers like iFireMonkey and epic games have claimed that more summer content is coming.

NPCs like Unpeely, Summer Drift, and Boardwalk Ruby, and vehicles like Surfboards will return to BR modes. Additionally, you can expect to complete summer-themed quests in Battle Royale that should award free XP and cosmetics.

The Battle Royale content will no doubt help make No Sweat Summer 2022 one of the best summer events in Fortnite history.

Luke Skywalker NPC

Epic Games have released a ton of Star-Wars content in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 including Darth Vader as a boss and his skin in the Battle Pass as a level 100 reward. HYPEX has revealed that there is a lightsaber in the Luke’s NPC files.

Based on the leak, it’s safe to assume that Luke Skywalker will be released as both an NPC and a skin, like this father. However, it is unclear if he will be part of the next update.

Last but not least, weekly quests for Week 5/Week 6 and Vibin’ will be added to the files with Fortnite v21.20. There are no solid leaks regarding weapons as we have received three new weapons (Two-Shot Shotgun, Hammer AR and DMR) this season.

Fortnite v21.30 will be released on July 19, 2022, after which Epic Games will take a summer break that will take place between July 24 and August 12.

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