Skins that Xbox fans will love

Skins that Xbox fans will love

When the free-to-play battle royale titan hit the gaming scene in 2017, no one could have expected the potential of Fortnite, which is still going strong today. The game has a plethora of activities, competitive play, and most importantly, for some, outfits. FortniteThe relationship of with other brands and franchises allows for unique and creative skins of original ideas and established characters.

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Given that the Epic Games team has a good relationship with friendly rivals on Xbox and PlayStation, it’s no surprise that some skins might appeal to players on either console more than others. This could be in the console exclusive skins, or just the memories attached to the console itself.

10 Eon, the exclusive

timeless design.” Eon is a legendary outfit for Fortnite and it came exclusively with the Xbox One S Bundle. This makes the Eon skin rare and a coveted item for its value. Not only that, but Eon is designed in white armor with silver accents and glowing green lights on the neck and eye piece.

The design itself is reminiscent of Xbox colors. Dark grays and greens are thrown on the skin. Its mechanical appearance makes it look like an Xbox has grown up and is looking for some Victory Royales. It is an original Epic Games skin, and its tribute to Xbox is clear, hence the exclusivity.

9 Lara Croft, In Search of Graves

The extraordinary is in what we do, not in what we are.” As part of the Gaming Legends series of outfits, Lara Croft really falls into that category with the franchise of hers, tomb Raider. Fans of the series may remember that The Rise of the Tomb Raider it was an Xbox exclusive for an entire year in 2015.

Having Lara Croft as part of a player’s library reinforces their loyalty to Xbox, as it is the outfit of a character who has a long history of gaming and Xbox in particular. Lara Croft harbors a true legacy in the gaming community and one that Xbox fans can enjoy at Fortnite.

8 Ryu, bring the punches

Determined to travel the world and test his skills to become the best..” Ryu is well known in the fighting game scene as the protagonist of the hit series. Street Fighter. The character is ready to return in street fighter 6a sequel to the last game that came out in 2016. His appearance in the game comes in two styles, both presented in street fighter 5.

With Ryu entering the loop of Fortnite, Xbox fans may want to pick up this character as an outfit from the Gaming Legends series. Ryu even comes with his own emote, which is a faithful homage to one of his moves from the Street Fighter franchise, a popular series of games on Xbox.

7 Psycho Bandit, (with Claptrap)

Hello!As part of the Psycho Bundle, the famous Psycho from the borderlands franchise makes its debut in Fortnite. This character is often cannon fodder in borderlands and acts as a basic enemy. They are well known in borderlands for being on every game cover and providing hilarious in-game voice lines that match the name of the psycho.

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Psycho Bandit also comes with the famous and always annoying Claptrap as a backup. It’s a great skin for its detail, and how it looks with cel shading just like the borderlands the games yes Having this Psycho Bandit is a must for those who play borderlands franchise on their Xbox consoles.

6 Chun-Li, furious kicks

Interpol officer with a strong sense of justice and an even stronger roundhouse kick.” As the tritagonist and main female lead of the Street Fighter series, Chun-Li came in Fortnite island as the first woman Street Fighter character. Like her, she was the first female fighter in the series. street fighter 2.

Chun Li is a must for fans of the Street Fighter games, which are available on Xbox. Like Ryu, he comes with an exclusive emote that matches a fighting move from the games. He also has a nostalgic default appearance, perfect for those who enjoy fighting games and want to represent their franchise in Fortnite.

5 Ezio Auditore, assassin buff

rest in peace.” Another part of the Gaming Legends series of Fortnite costumes Ezio Auditore certainly needs no introduction, as he is perhaps the most iconic assassin in the assassin’s Creed franchise. Ezio is the only character to hold his trilogy of games, which were released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. These games were later remastered for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

assassin’s Creed is a great franchise for those looking for a single player story and serving the straight path. Ezio Auditore is the embodiment of this journey and a must-have for fans of Xbox games. Ezio is in the Fortnite item shop, with his iconic hidden blades as his harvesting tool.

4 Darth Vader, former Jedi Knight

Join him and together you will rule the galaxy..” As part of the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass, Darth Vader appears in the Fortnite island to show everyone the power of the Dark Side of the Force. Vader is an iconic Star Wars character, and perhaps the face of the franchise for its menace and history.

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Fans of the fighting game series, Soul CaliburYou may recognize Darth Vader from his guest appearance on soulcalibur 4. He appeared exclusively in the PlayStation 3 version of the game, but was later downloaded onto the Xbox 360 version. Vader is a great representation for Xbox fans.

3 Kate Diaz, former outsider

Outsider turned soldier in the COG army and member of Delta-One.” Kate Diaz appears as the first female character of the Gears of war franchise in Fortnite. She is part of the Gaming Legends series and can be found in the item shop on certain shop restarts.

Kate Diaz comes in two styles, one winter orange peel. She made her first appearance in Gears of war4 and was the playable protagonist of gears 5. His appearance in Fortnite is a great representation of the Xbox exclusive franchise, Gears of war.

two Marcus Fenix, hero of the COG

Legendary hero of the Pendulum and Locust Wars brought back to the fight by his son.” Appearing as the protagonist of the first series of Gears of war games, Marcus Fenix ​​is ​​the tough and gruff hero and member of the COG Army. His appearance in Fortnite is the same as yours gears 5 style, rather than his younger years from the first Gears of war.

Some Xbox fans already love the Gears of war franchise, and having the popular character Marcus Fenix ​​represent his franchise in Fortniteagainst Marvel and DC Comics characters, it makes them even more inclined to get that Victory Royale.

1 Master Chief, you need a gun.

Master Petty Officer John-117.” A character worthy of the title of Gaming Legends, Master Chief of aura. The protagonist of the series, who continues to go strong with the latest release, Halo: Infinity. The Master Chief appears in Fortnite in a large trailer, in which it is frozen in a supermarket fridge.

For Xbox fans, Master Chief is a must-have due to his exclusive position with Microsoft. Xbox owners also receive the Matte Black Style Edition for Master Chief, meaning they can rep their character and franchise in an exclusive style.

Fortnite is available now for mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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