Resident Evil Village’s third person mode is a great service for fans

Resident Evil Village’s third person mode is a great service for fans

As a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, most third-person games have been a big part of what I love about them. As I wrote in my article on accessibility, even though I’ve played a lot of first-person shooters, my game library isn’t packed with a lot of them. So when it was announced that the seventh and eighth games would be first-person only, you can imagine my heart sank after hearing the news years ago. While the first-person modes in both games featured something new, they just didn’t feel like the previous games I’ve played, something felt a bit off.


For a while, I was hoping that Capcom would include a proper third-person mode, especially the one used in recent remakes, including the upcoming remake of the fourth game. Well, I got my wish, as Capcom announced that a proper third-person mode is coming to Resident Evil Village. While its final reveal was a bit weird, the campaign, clearly themed areas, and bosses were great, like a big spooky theme park with several different “zones.”

I’m also glad that Capcom only waited a year to announce it, which probably means the game’s new third-person mode was planned all along and would always be used to build intrigue for upcoming DLC. It just feels organic and while I wish it came packaged with the game, I’m happy we have this mode. Also, it will be very nice to see Ethan Winters from a different point of view, and it also adds a lot in terms of replayability, both from a gameplay point of view and from an aesthetic point of view. I’m excited to see how the cutscenes are modified, I’m excited to see how reloading weapons and interacting with doors and other objects look as well.

When I first fired up the game on my then-new PlayStation 5, I was amazed at how detailed everything in the town looked. The cobblestone areas of Resident Evil Village looked detailed, walking up to the dollhouse (which will never stop being super-creepy) made me gulp down its haunting aesthetic glory, and the various traps and environment had me on edge. my seat. It’s easy to say that I really enjoyed the game the first time. Now that third-person mode is here, I’m really looking forward to revisiting those places one more time.

The new camera angle offers a new perspective, particularly on how different the cutscenes will be, if any, and how the enemy interactions differ compared to a first-person view (remember, the entire game, down to the cutscenes, It was from the start). person’s perspective, so you are likely to feel very differently). Getting picked up and stabbed by mom, I mean Lady Dimitrescu from a third-person perspective offers a new way to experience the game, making it feel like we’re having these interactions for the first time.

When the series went first-person with Resident Evil 7 in 2017, I respected Capcom for changing things up, especially with PlayStation VR being one thing: they probably wanted people to have and share somewhat similar experiences. I know I said earlier that my heart sank when I initially found out that Biohazard and Village were first-person, but within that pain also came an understanding and willingness to give this new model a chance. I did and, well, it wasn’t for me.

So with this return to the third person, I send a big ‘thank you’ to Capcom for giving me and others who have played various versions of Resident Evil over the years what we wanted. Thank you for listening to us and our comments. I can’t wait to get the DLC and try the classic and the new view as well as play the new story.

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