Minecraft Player Reporting System: Everything We Know

Minecraft Player Reporting System: Everything We Know

Mojang has announced the player reporting feature for the future release of Minecraft 1.19.1 Java Edition that allows players to report inappropriate chat messages or dangerous behavior on multiplayer servers.

The feature has already been in action with snapshot 22w24a for several weeks now, and players are already raising major concerns in the community about potential abuse in reports.

Not only are there legitimate questions about how Mojang will review these reports, but banned players will not be able to connect to multiplayer servers or Realms “in past, current, and future versions of Minecraft.”

The fear of losing your account and access to the servers you have invested time and effort into for years is a legitimate reason to question this decision. But how does the Player Report feature actually work?

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What we know about Minecraft’s new player reporting feature

Mojang has listened to player feedback and concerns and has published more information in the player reporting system to eliminate possible misconceptions or misinformation. Here are some of the clarifications the company has released about the future feature:

Mojang’s involvement in monitoring and bans

  • Mojang will not monitor traffic or chat in private Java.
  • Player Report will not use AI or bots to scan private servers.
  • Banned players will not lose access to single player mode.
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Reasons to report and prohibitions

  • players you will not be banned when you use profanity or swear words. This alone is not a reason for a report.
  • Players can be reported and banned for “hate speech, intimidation, harassment, sexual solicitation, or actual threats to others.” Mojang defines hate speech as “insulting, intimidating, or threatening an individual or group based on a trait or attribute of their identity, such as sexual orientation, religion, color, gender, or disability” for clear criteria when regard.
  • Players suggesting serious suicide attempts or suggesting it to others reported through the Player Report you will receive system support and resources. There are no details on whether a ban can be incurred for this alone.
  • Bans can be temporary or permanent.depending on the severity and recurrence of the player’s infraction.
  • Temporary bans can vary in duration, and permanent bans are only reserved for serious and recurring offenses.
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How the player report works

  • All reports made through the system will get reviewed by a team of human researchers trained by the company to review these reports and review them before taking any action.
  • Reports will include surrounding messages to give investigators more context about the potential breach.
  • Minecraft 1.19 has cryptographically signed chat, which means that no message may be forged or rearranged for false reporting. If this happens, the investigators will flag the action.
  • Bans can be temporary or permanent, depending on the seriousness of the offence. During the ban, you will not be able to access Realms or any servers (public or private) from any version of Minecraft.
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Now that Mojang has come out to clear things up, we hope that players are more aware of the implications of the new Player Report. It’s true that players can lose access to legacy and current servers permanently, regardless of whether their offense was reported on a Realm or a private server.

However, as more information comes out, we hope that the company can effectively address problematic behavior with the Player Report feature and keep their community safe as 1.19.1 slowly looms on the horizon.

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