Minecraft Honors Technoblade With Launcher Update Tribute

Minecraft Honors Technoblade With Launcher Update Tribute

Beloved Minecraft content creator Technoblade sadly passed away in June, and developer Mojang honored the YouTuber via a launcher update.

beloved youtuber and Minecraft content creator Technoblade He recently died of cancer, and developer Mojang has honored the internet personality in a new launcher update. Technoblade, real name Alexander, was well known for his live broadcasts and his participation in the Minecraft Dream SMP survival server. Technoblade was a much-loved part of the Survival Sandbox community, having participated in events such as creating a Minecraft Bop-It driver, and Mojang has now acknowledged its unfortunate demise.

For over a decade on YouTube, Technoblade made a name for themselves with dedicated and often humorous comments. Minecraft gameplay videos For example, one notable video from the early years of the content creator’s career saw him win the survival game in Hardcore mode using a racing wheel as a controller. In 2019, Technoblade gained popularity after participating in Minecraft tournaments hosted by fellow YouTuber Keemstar. Technoblade also teamed up with other YouTubers like MrBeast and Dream, after beating Dream in a series of friendly competitions to win the crown of “best Minecraft player.” In September 2020, Technoblade competed in the Minecraft Championships, a massive event that drew around 500,000 viewers on Twitch and YouTube.


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Technoblade sadly died of metastatic cancer in June 2022, and Minecraft (via Twitter) has paid a touching tribute to the internet icon. In a tweet, Mojang said the studio was “disconsolate“for the loss of Technoblade, explaining that he”meant so much to our community and brought so much joy.” To honor the young Minecraft champion, the launcher for the Java Edition of the game has also been updated to contain a pig wearing a crown. This image has been strongly associated with Technoblade Minecraft avatar, a Pig Man in royal garb and crown, and now serves as a reminder of one of the most beloved figures in the game.

Homage to Minecraft Technoblade Launcher

The massive rise in popularity of Technoblade in recent years coincided with a general rise in the popularity of Minecraft gaming videos on YouTube. only in 2020 Minecraft the content garnered a total of 201 billion views on YouTube, more than double the second most popular game Roblox and its 75 billion views. The massive success of Minecraft on YouTube can probably contribute to the game itself, with the sandbox survival experience allowing players to produce a lot of original content. However, popular YouTubers like Technoblade, Dream, Keemstar, and MrBeast also contributed to the number of viewers regularly tuning in to watch. Minecraft How to play

The loss of Technoblade is a huge loss for the Minecraft community as a whole, with the YouTuber’s dedicated fanbase continuing to mourn his death. Mojang has spoken out to honor the young content creator while giving his iconic bejeweled pig a spot on the Java Edition home screen. Technoblade He may be gone, but Mojang-created tributes and countless fans ensure the Minecraft The champion will never be forgotten.

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