Fortnite Stranger Things Vol. 2 theory points at eleven o’clock coming soon

Fortnite Stranger Things Vol.  2 theory points at eleven o’clock coming soon

A new Fortnite theory hints at the arrival of an Eleven-based skin from Stranger Things, inspired by the release of Stranger Things Vol. 2.

The last Fortnite theory suggests another crossover with Strange things Inspired by the release of the second volume of Strange things season 4, which may include fan-favorite character Eleven. Strange things Items were last available in the Fortnite Item Shop in July 2019 after the launch of Strange things season 3, and have not been available since November of the same year. Although fans have repeatedly asked for the items to be made available once again, licensing issues are suspected to have prevented this.

While not confirmed, many believe that Netflix has terminated contracts with several games. This would be the reason why the sale of Strange things contained in dead by daylight Y Fortnite was brought to an end in 2019. Fans were quick to create multiple petitions urging content to remain available and now even more petitions are demanding that Netflix allow Epic to bring Strange things to the item shop once again, due to Strange things recent release of season 4. Fortunately, this collaboration can happen again as soon as Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 is available on Netflix.


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According to the popular and generally trusted Fortnite filter FNBRIntelencrypted objects in FortniteThe files point to an Eleven skin that will come out with the release of Vol.2 on July 1. The encrypted set is reportedly titled “Waffle Warrior” and Eleven is known for her dedicated love of Eggo waffles all over the world. stranger thingsseries. Previous Strange things Y Fortnite The collaboration included Eleven’s father figure, Hopper, and the hideous monster called the Demogorgon (whom Eleven kills with her powers in the first season), so fans are eagerly awaiting the possible arrival of the face of the series.

The current summer season Fortnite already intriguing and fun to play, with Darth Vader and Indiana Jones taking control Fortnite center stage as plot characters and playable skins that appear in the Battle Pass. Wonderful skins like Spiderman Zero and the new naruto Rivals skins have also been released in the last few weeks, so it looks like Episode 3 Season 3 will be full of iconic characters along Fortniteoriginal content of . Strange things being reintroduced would only fuel the hype of Fortnite: Vibrating even more so, especially since fans believed all hope of a collaboration was lost three years ago.

Fortnite crossovers are usually well received by players, from Star Wars a Strange things Y Wonderfulor other games like Street Fighter, Among usAnd supposedly Fall Guys. Fans visit the item shop frequently to purchase the latest skins, emotes, and other collaboration items to show their love for other means within Epic’s battle royale. The latest rumors even suggest a dead by daylight x Fortnite crossover happening soon which would provide even more horror content along with this supposed Strange things collaboration.

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