Best Fortnite Hide & Seek Codes: July 2022

Best Fortnite Hide & Seek Codes: July 2022

Creative Fortnite maps have gone through an entire era of evolution as map makers bring popular games to their respective island creations. From Fall Guys-inspired obstacle courses to Murder Mystery maps, creators have blessed the Fortnite player base with interesting creations.

Since Epic Games added The Block and introduced its creative gameplay in 2019, Fortnite has seen a huge evolution from map makers putting their time and creativity into creating an experience for loopers. This has paved the way for various map designers and creators from other games to develop their own ideas of a game in the vast multiverse of Fortnite.

Fortnite players love playing the classic game of hide and seek on beautifully crafted Creative Island maps, where they can hop on with their friends and have a good time without having to engage in serious gun-on-gun action. Here are some trending hidden and wanted map codes for you to try as of July 2022.

Fortnite player sitting on creative map

Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes – July 2022

Stranger Things 4 Hide and Seek

Fortnite Stranger Things 4 Creative Map

Code: 6386-0352-1320

Stranger Things 4 Hide and Seek was created by Danteminecraft, showing a full architectural layout of the Hawkins National Laboratory, where experiments were conducted on the main Eleven series and upgraded ones were created.

The map consists of all the different rooms of these enhanced individuals, including a Telekinesis room, a rainbow room, and a portal to the Upside Down hidden behind the secret rainbow room. The goal for players is to hide between these rooms while a Hunter searches and finds them to peck at and eventually eliminate them.

Hide and seek cars

Fortnite Hide and Seek Cars Map

Code: 3838-7897-8141

Hide and Seek Cars is heavily inspired by the Pixar Cars franchise and showcases some brilliant creation. radiator springs, with actual movie locations spread across the map. Also, the cars parked on the map have eyes and mouths, similar to the movie to give each vehicle an authentic feel.

Players on the map can hide between various items and within various locations while the hunter finds them and eliminates players with his pickaxe. Players are also given a fish to heal themselves if the Hunter hits them once for a second chance to escape from them again.

Hide and seek at the resort

Fortnite Creative Resort Hide and Seek map

Code: 2602-4681-6658

The perfect map for a summer getaway this sunny season allows players to get that summer vibe with a splash of water at a beach resort. The map has a couple of huge buildings raised above the sea so they can hide in the boats under the buildings or in the spacious rooms inside them.

Either way, Seekers and Hunters start near the seashore and open chests to enter the complex and complete the objectives given to them.

Neo Tokyo Hideout

Fortnite Creative Neo Tokyo Hide and Seek map

Code: 0568-1667-0236

This futuristic take on a famous Fortnite POI called Neo Tilted was created by map maker MTL_Rellik, who gave it a more Japanese look. The buildings and even the dragon-like balloon element add to the authenticity of futuristic Japanese architecture.

Players on the map can hide between various buildings or objects throughout the map and receive relocatable gliders so they don’t take fall damage while escaping from the Hunter.

Prop Hunt: House of Flanders

Fortnite Creative Flanders House Prop Hunt Hide and Seek Map

Code: 1578-6112-7545

This map is a recreation of the Flanders House from the animated series The Simpsons. Map Creator Marablind has created a nearly perfect recreation of the neighborhood and the entire Simpson family condominium.

The gameplay of this map works more like a Prop Hunt where hiders are given prop weapons to become an existing prop on the map, while seekers have to find and eliminate them.

minecraft hide and seek

Fortnite Creative Minecraft Hide Map

Code: 2882-2013-4239

Mapmaker PNF_DKsp created a recreation of the 8-bit Minecraft island. The creator has added realistic elements like trees, hills, lava, and steps similar to a Minecraft island. The hunter is given all the weapons to find and eliminate his opponents, while the Hiders mostly hide in the shadows in the middle of a dense forest or a steep hill.

The map became extremely popular upon its release, as various players in the Minecraft community supported it through streams and created content around it.

As Fortnite players continue to play these maps to enjoy the casual side of the game, map makers are generally keeping an eye on the latest trends to make much more enjoyable mini-games like these for the community to enjoy. Once Creative 2.0 is released, creators will have several advanced options to add more interactivity to their maps to enhance the player experience.

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