Will Modern Warfare 2 release on Xbox Game Pass?

Will Modern Warfare 2 release on Xbox Game Pass?

The first images of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps were leaked upon being included in the closed alpha build of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, which was released in select test regions under NDA in May.

Warzone Mobile, aka Project Aurora, is in closed alpha testing, but as users get hands-on with iOS and Android versions, they’ve found a batch of Modern Warfare 2, and even Call of Duty 2024. by Treyarch, contained in The Archives.

Warzone Mobile Closed Alpha is under signed NDA, and sharing gameplay or images from it is not allowed. Despite this, footage of the game has still surfaced.

The leaker on Twitter claims to have access to many of the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map loading screens, posting some 6v6 map images, along with some Ground War map images.

Modern Warfare 2 Operator Art

Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps

In total, loading screens for four Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps have been released. These four maps look entirely different from one another, which could indicate that we’re in for a lot of variety when MW2 launches later this year.

The first map shown is called Big prizewhich was confirmed as a map back in June as part of the game’s reveal.

Set in Asia, the loading screen shows two Formula 1-style cars racing on a track, though we don’t know if these high-speed machines will be driving around the track as we battle it out.

The second revealed map is Oilfield. Pretty self-explanatory, it looks like we’re headed toward an oil storage facility, with giant tanks presumably filled with the black liquid sitting around.

The ground here looks dry and sandy, indicating that this is happening somewhere warm, perhaps in the Middle East or South America.

It doesn’t take much research to find out where Museum It is established. This colorful map appears to have indoor and outdoor combat.

The fourth map was only mentioned by its code name, SABA. Information about this map beyond its images is not known at this time, nor is its final release name confirmed.

We see a statue of a man on horseback and some palm trees, but other than that little is known about this area.

Leaked Images of Modern Warfare 2 Ground War Maps

The leaker has also shared images of 2 Modern Warfare 2 Ground War MP Maps.

The first leaked Ground War map is Hydro, which takes place in a desert landscape with water flowing through the center. As confirmed by Infinity Ward, the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 engine supports swimming, which means that the maps will include areas of water.

The next leaked Ground War map is ‘fish town.’

The third map of Ground War is sira.

As Infinity Ward mentioned earlier, the Ground War maps will be merged to form the new Warzone 2 map.

Modern Warfare 2 MP Map Codenames

Furthermore, the leaker also shared a list of the codenames of all the MP maps that are currently in the Modern Warfare 2 MP files.

Some of the maps are leftovers from Modern Warfare 2019, while the rest are codenames or ship names for the 2022 game. These are the names found:

  • action_park,
  • agentperf
  • ancient
  • stab in the back
  • Cathedral
  • rise
  • Crossing
  • Davos
  • dog town
  • esports gym
  • exhume
  • favela
  • shooting range
  • floating bay
  • Big prize
  • slaughter
  • lighthouse
  • luxury
  • mountain town
  • drug traffickers
  • Oilfield
  • crest
  • runner
  • Saba
  • save
  • tokyo
  • yellow castle
  • Hydro
  • Museum
  • swap meet
  • fish town
  • farm

Activision has not commented on why the Warzone Mobile files contain all of these Modern Warfare 2 images. The company will issue DMCA notices to anyone who posts all of the leaks online.

Up to this point, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MP has not been officially revealed beyond a few details. There is no known timeline for the MP reveal. Activision has confirmed that there will be an open beta prior to the game’s release.

We’ve shared information about multiplayer, including the new gunsmith, AI features, and early details on some of the maps.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 officially launches on October 28 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC (Battle.net and Steam).

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