What will happen once Reality Trees cover the entire island in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

What will happen once Reality Trees cover the entire island in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Since the Fortnite metaverse encompasses everything in existence, the concept of reality is quite flexible. Depending on where and when a looper exists in space-time, its reality is sure to be different from everyone else’s. This is not a new concept in the game, as it is well known that alternate realities exist.

However, late, the reality on the island has become capricious. Ever since Reality Tree started spreading its roots, loopers have been seeing old POIs on the map. Since time is a construct in the game, having points of interest appearing out of nowhere is quite alarming.

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While players are happy to have these locations back in Fortnite, something is definitely afoot. Since Epic Games has not provided any lore or backstory regarding the origin of the Reality Tree, one can only speculate and make educated guesses, leading to various foreshadowing conclusions.

Reality can often be underwhelming, even in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

This article will try to address the possible reasons why the Reality Tree appeared on the island and what its ultimate goal is. Please note that these are just theories and may be debunked once the official lore becomes available. With that said, here are a few points:

1) Hallucinogenic effects

As players already know, buildings don’t appear out of nowhere in Fortnite, or at least they shouldn’t. Even though it is a game, the developers usually provide a build up on the game before revealing new points of interest. If not, at least they try to justify how the structure got to the island.

With this in mind, one has to ponder how points of interest from the past randomly appear on the island at will. With no logical answer in sight, it must be concluded that the Reality Tree can manipulate players’ minds. This enigmatic living being harnesses the memories of the loopers to create replicas of ancient points of interest. In short, the islanders are experiencing hallucinogenic effects.

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The reality tree does not accompany reality, instead using memories to create the appearance of ancient POIs on the island. This will explain why they keep changing after every match and how easily they can be changed. The moment a new Reality Tree sprouts in a new area, anyone within the radius sees the POI change.

By the time the island is covered in Reality Trees, the population will have been brainwashed and happy with their versions of reality. With your guard down, whoever or whatever is pulling the strings will appear on the island and claim it for their own.

2) Space-time manipulator

If the Tree of Reality in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 isn’t controlling loopers by creating hallucinogens, how exactly is it manipulating reality? Well, considering that the Reality Tree was created after Zero Point broke free from Imagined Order’s control, it may be more than just a tree.

What if the Reality Tree can actually manipulate Spacetime by harnessing the power of the Zero Point? Surely an enigmatic being like himself can learn to use his power to do amazing things. And if that’s the case, why choose to bring back the old POIs?

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Is the tree trying to tell the loopers something, or is it just keeping them entertained and distracted? And, if so, for whom or what? Or maybe you want to recreate the island and take it back to the old days. Since randomly getting the Chapter 1 map back is going to be weird, the developer is doing it throughout the story.

3) Terraforming Bloom

Given the alarming rate at which the Reality Tree is growing, the entire island will soon be covered in indestructible roots. It is very possible that the hallucinogenic effects or the ability to control space-time are simply by-products of the growth of the trees. Its true potential is likely to be realized once the island has been rooted.

But what happens then? Well, since the little trees of reality are growing everywhere, the ultimate goal is probably to transform the island into something more habitable. This is not something new as Kymera has done something similar in Chapter 2 Season 7.

Once the island is fully transformed into a biome where the reality tree can thrive, perhaps Bloomwatcher will appear in Fortnite and the real story of Fortnite Chapter 3 will begin. Until then, loopers will have to stay alert and keep an eye out for what’s to come.

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