The Dark Effect and tips to counter it efficiently

The Dark Effect and tips to counter it efficiently

the 1.19 Savage Update in Minecraft it came with many new things like Wardens, Frogs and much more. A new status effect was also released, called darkness effect. Here is our Minecraft 1.19 to tell you everything you need to know about the dark effect.

Darkness effect in Minecraft 1.19

If he deep dark wasn’t dark enough for you, now there’s a new state called darkness effect that blinds you even more. It’s not exactly blindness, but it’s very close. Narrow your field of vision and everything outside of it becomes part of an endless void.

Minecraft Dark Effect 1.19
Image via Mojang Studios

This happens when a sculk squeaker activates when you reach its radius or if you are detected by the guardian. This is highly inconvenient, as players looking to kill the Guardian or catch it are unable to do anything. The fact that Warden can kill you in two hits doesn’t help matters.

The best ways to deal with the Darkness effect in Minecraft 1.19

There are a few ways you can get help against the darkness effect in Minecraft 1.19 and these are the best ones:

1. Use of torches

Minecraft 1.19 Darkness Torches
Image via Mojang Studios

Wearing torches it is by far the cheapest way to deal with the dark. Just place the torches wherever you go, at regular distances and you should be pretty good to go. The darkness effect is not applied to light sources and you can still see them from afar. Be sure to sneak away when you’re in the sculk neighborhood sensors. However, if you see the Guardian nearby, don’t place the torches, as they can sense you if you make sounds.

2. Night Vision Potions

Minecraft 1.19 Night Vision Potion
Image via Mojang Studios

Although the torch method was cheap, it becomes extremely tedious to place torches over a large area. Instead, players can use night vision potions to counteract the effect of darkness. While it doesn’t completely remove darkness, it does give you a slightly better field of vision (enough to see surrounding blocks). Always carry multiple night vision potions when exploring the Deep Dark.

3. Destroy the sculk sensors before they activate

Minecraft Dark Effect 1.19
Image via Mojang Studios

As they say, prevention is better than cure, so it is the case here. You can choose to carefully break the Sculk Shrieker blocks before they activate. Always remember to sneak when you’re in deep darkness and then break any squeaky blocks you come across with a hoe. The sensors can detect movement within a radius of 9 around it, so be careful when handling it.

4. Disable darkness feature from settings

The dark effect is special in that it comes in the form of pulses. That means that once players receive this status effect, the darkness effect will pulse at regular intervals. There may be times when the screen goes completely black for a few seconds. This gets annoying and makes it impossible to even play the game since you are playing on a black screen.

Minecraft 1.19 Dark Effect
Image via Mojang Studios

This feature was added to help visually impaired players. However, there is no impediment for you to use this. Feel free to turn the slider as low as you like or even turn it off. This will tone down the intensity of the game by a significant amount.

5. Increase screen brightness

Increasing the screen brightness also works against the effect of the dark state. You can do this by going to the pause menu and clicking on Options. To choose video settings and adjust the brightness slider to set it to maximum (on the right). For extra brightness, you can also increase the screen brightness.

Did you find our guide on the Darkness effect in Minecraft 1.19 helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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