The 10 Best Resident Evil Spin-Off Games, Ranked

The Capcom 2022 showcase just released a trailer for the Resident Evil 4 Remake which has the fans really excited. But demonic resident The franchise is huge with eight main games in the series, as well as a multitude of spin-offs. Capcom took full advantage of the success of the series, and as a result, fans have enjoyed so many games, varying in various levels of quality.

Spin-offs are an interesting lot of games because they often switch genres. Sometimes they take on a first-person shooter, sometimes they take on a multiplayer style of play, or they take a classic formula and put a twist on it. It makes playing through the different spin-offs such a diverse and fascinating experience.


10 Resident Evil Gaiden (2001)

Resident Evil Gaiden Game Boy Color

Oddly enough, Capcom managed to bring demonic resident to the Game Boy Color. resident evil gaiden It’s far from perfect, but it’s impressive that Capcom managed to capture the essence of the franchise in this spin-off.

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It’s a top-down view with zombie combat essentially boiling down to quick-time events. resident evil gaiden managed to maintain the puzzle-solving, item-gathering, and exploration that the series is famous for. In terms of making a handheld demonic resident game, it could have been much worse.

9 Resident Evil: The Expendables 3D (2011)

Albert Wesker fighting armed zombies in Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D

Mercenaries mode has been a staple of the mainline games, so it’s no surprise that Capcom tried to turn it into a standalone game. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D puts players into scenarios based on events of Resident Evil 4 Y resident bad 5.

Instead of just killing as many zombies and monsters as fast as possible, mercenaries 3d added new targets. It was an impressive game for the 3DS and even featured surprisingly stable online co-op, but unfortunately, it was a 3DS exclusive. As a result, not many players got to play it.

8 Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles (2009)

Claire Redfield in Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles

There have been many attempts at on-rail demonic resident spin-offs, and they rarely work. Demon Resident: the dark side chronicles was one who managed to make a decent attempt. In reality, he tells several stories, including accounts of resident evil 2 Y veronica code in new ways.

It also provides a new prequel story of Resident Evil 4. Unlike other on-rail demonic resident games, the dark side chronicles It keeps a fast pace and keeps the zombies coming to make them somewhat imposing. It’s still not the scariest game in the series, but for a fun shooter, it’s one of the many underrated gems on the Nintendo Wii.

7 Resident Evil: Resistance


This game came attached to the Resident Evil 3 remake and showed a lot of promise. Four players work together to get out of the scenarios seen in the games, while another player controls a mastermind. They can choose which zombies and creatures appear on the map.

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It’s an interesting twist on the asymmetrical horror game concept, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the biggest hit. With friends, Resident Evil: Resistance it’s a lot of fun (and even a bit humorous), but overall this multiplayer game lacked variety and dedicated servers. It works as a proof of concept that could be improved with a sequel.

6 Resident Evil: Dead Aim (2003)

Bruce McGivern surrounded by zombies on the ship in Resident Evil Dead Aim

the resident evil survivor the spin-offs were not loved as many agreed that they never felt like part of this franchise. Resident Evil: Dead Target fixed this by having the first-person combat against zombies and BOWs, but returned to being a memorable zombie survival horror experience.

Players could now explore a huge ship, collect items, and solve puzzles. Resident Evil: Dead Target It’s a healthy mix of Survivor and classic demonic resident titles. It may not be perfect, but it does its best to deliver a unique experience in the franchise.

5 Resident Evil – Code: Veronica (2000)

Claire Redfield Sees Steve Burnside in Resident Evil Code Veronica

Despite being a side story, Resident Evil: Code Veronica it’s pretty vital to the plot of the series as a whole. is concurrent with Resident Evil 3 and tells a story that connects with Resident Evil 4 Y resident bad 5. Unfortunately, Code: Veronica it is a game that would end up being overlooked.

It is still a strong survival horror title that maintains the formula of the classic. demonic resident games and is one of the best Sega Dreamcast games. As a result, Code: Veronica it would gain a reputation for being underrated with gamers begging for a remake.

4 Resident Evil: Revelations (2012)

Jill Valentine fighting BOW in Resident Evil Revelations

Originally a 3DS exclusive, Evil Residence Revelations dialed back the high-octane action after resident Evil 6 and tried to bring back survival horror on a handheld. The fans were really so pleased with this about the main game that revelations it ended up being remastered for consoles.

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It is closer to being a mixture of Resident Evil 4 Y resident bad 5 while fully embracing horror in a way that’s almost a precursor to recent remakes of classic games.

3 Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (2015)

Claire Redfield and Moira Burton working together on Resident Evil Revelations 2

Without the limitations of being a portable game first, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 took the concept and made it even better. This time, revelations took on an episodic form of release, but now players can play all the episodes in one game with releases on almost all consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

Despite the occasional glitch and being less visually impressive, Revelations 2 was praised for telling a strong story that bridged the gap between Resident Evil 4 Y resident bad 5. It also retained the cooperative experience of resident bad 5 with several iconic characters from the RE franchise, allowing for both thrills and chills.

two Resident Evil: Outbreak – File #2 (2004)

Fight the mutated elephant boss from Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

Resident Evil Outbreak was successful enough to warrant a sequel, but instead of improving on the formula, File #2 it was essentially more of the same plus some new BOWs. Granted, that means more quality content, but the only real change is that co-op multiplayer has been expanded and improved.

Other than that, Resident Evil: Outbreak: File #2 it’s still the same concept of a group of characters going through scenarios to try and survive. It keeps the characters with unique perks and weapons, as well as the throbbing tension that continues to build throughout. It just doesn’t reach the same level as the first game.

1 Resident Evil: Outbreak (2003)

Group photo of all Resident Evil Outbreak characters

Instead of two characters to choose from, Resident Evil: Outbreak gives the player a multitude of characters. Each one has different pros and cons; some come with firearms from the start, others have little to nothing, but have perks that are still useful. Each character will provide a different experience for the player in terms of difficulty and progress.

Not only does this allow for a great deal of replay value for Resident Evil: Outbreak but it also changes the formula enough without diminishing what it does demonic resident so iconic. It is what many expected Resident Evil Resistance It would be and is another game that fans are hoping Capcom will remake.

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