Minecraft Potion Brewing still has plenty of room to grow

Minecraft Potion Brewing still has plenty of room to grow

Part of what makes crafting part of Minecraft just as appealing is the variety of systems players can interact with to make or power up their items. From the start of the game, players must build a crafting table to obtain their most basic tools, and eventually player bases will fill with lovely tables, anvils, grindstones, and other useful blocks. Important Minecraft updates usually introduce at least one new major crafting recipe or the use of one of these blocks, even if it’s just the standard crafting table, but not all systems receive updates frequently. Minecraft brewing stalls have lagged behind lately, for example.


The last time the brewing stalls got new potions was in Minecraft Java Edition 1.13, also known as Update Aquatic. Since that patch, players have been able to make Slow Falling Potions and Turtle Master Potions, which are two of the most unique benefits players can get from a potion. However, the aquatic update is a distant memory at this point; Minecraft players haven’t received a new potion recipe in a long time. Minecraft You still have plenty of ways to upgrade your potion system, so hopefully the next Mojang update will take another step forward in the uses of brewing.

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Possible additions to Minecraft’s brewing system

Many of the effects that players can experience in Minecraft, from Poison to Weakness, can be obtained manually through potions, but brewing doesn’t give fans access to the full list. There are a lot of interesting effects that should make their way into Minecraft potions, such as Haste, which make players draw faster. Minecraft Beacons are currently the only source of haste, so it would be great if fans could get a more accessible source of the effect. Lucky Potions would be great for players looking for rare items, and the softer Stamina Potions could easily sit alongside Turtle Master Potions. Absorption potions would also be a great alternative to healing.

Apart from adding to MinecraftIn Mojang’s list of basic effects, Mojang also has the power to combine effects into future potions. After all, Turtle Master’s Potion already sets a precedent, offering a huge stamina buff in exchange for temporary slow. Mojang should explore the potential of multipurpose potions that require more complicated brewing practices. For example, you could add a potion that applies a large Strength buff but also adds Mining Fatigue to slow the player’s attacks. A more powerful healing or speed potion that applies temporary weakness could also be useful for players who need to disengage from dangerous situations.

Why Minecraft Brewing Updates Should Happen

Any and all of these possible additions to the list of potion recipes would be worthwhile because they will inspire new content in other parts of the world. Minecraft world, or vice versa. All of them are likely to require entirely new ingredients, meaning Mojang has the opportunity to create new mobs, spawn structures, or even dimensions that act as sources for these ingredients. No brewing system update has ever stood alone; Jumping potions appeared thanks to the addition of rabbits, slow falling potions came from ghosts like the Minecraft Overworld’s first flying hostile mob, and so on. New potions are almost always signs of a big positive change elsewhere in the game.

Mojang hasn’t signaled that a large-scale update is just around the corner, and it’s true that mechanics might not be a priority for the studio right now. It has many other potential contents to investigate, such as MinecraftThe postponed archeology system or previously teased desert updates. Still, the beauty of MinecraftThe brewing system is that you don’t have to carry an upgrade to benefit from it. MinecraftThe next big update should bring at least one new potion to the game, but hopefully Mojang will be a bit more ambitious than that.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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