Is Darth Vader’s lightsaber really overpowered in Fortnite?

Is Darth Vader’s lightsaber really overpowered in Fortnite?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 brought the Darth Vader skin to the game, but players were put off when they learned that the Sith Lord’s pickaxe was the Sigil of the Empire instead of his iconic lightsaber. The disappointment was short-lived, as Darth Vader soon visited the island brandishing his red lightsaber following the v21.10 update.

The mythical lightsaber attracted the attention of the users, and soon, everyone was rushing to get their hands on the coveted energy sword. This hustle was brief, as Darth Vader proved to be a difficult boss to beat and has been the bane of loopers’ existence.

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The lightsaber is a unique weapon that has been included in the game. However, this is not the first time players have experienced this energy sword.

Fortnite often collaborates with Star Wars. In the past, players could experience different lightsabers belonging to Ray, Kylo Ren, Luke, and Mace.

Experience the Force in Fortnite with a lightsaber

For the past two weeks, players have been working hard to defeat Darth Vader, but the NPC is so overpowered that most fail on their first try. This extraordinary situation has led users to believe that his lightsaber is also a mastered weapon that exalts Vader’s counter-attack capabilities.

The mythical lightsaber is undoubtedly formidable with some unique abilities. It can deflect bullets and is the only weapon in the game, except for the Kingsman Umbrella, which also has this ability.

Other features include a boomerang-like mechanism that allows the lightsaber to be thrown at the enemy and returned to the player.

Since the weapons belong to Darth Vader, it is plausible that he is highly skilled at using them. In fact, it is these weapons, along with his extraordinary powers, such as the use of the Force and levitation, that make him so invincible.

Fortnite loopers fail to duplicate Darth Vader’s tactics and blame the lightsaber for being underpowered.

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Fortnite players can use the lightsaber in every possible way that Darth Vader does. They can deflect bullets and launch them at opponents.

However, not all can match the skill with which the Sith Lord wields his sword. Statistically, the lightsaber deals damage in the range of 40 to 150, depending on consecutive hits.

If a Fortnite user can use the lightsaber with touch, they can deal severe damage to their opponents. The damage per shot increases consecutively after each hit, reaching a maximum of 150.

This range of damage makes the lightsaber the most powerful melee weapon. However, compared to other weapons, it is in a mediocre field in terms of damage.

It is a conjunction of his powers and a unique weapon that makes Darth Vader overpowered. If it stands out, the lightsaber is without a doubt the most powerful melee weapon, but when it comes to the holistic approach that includes all aspects of a weapon, the lightsaber falls short.

No, the lightsaber is not a mastered weapon.

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