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Resident Evil Shadows Of Rose DLC: Top 10 Reddit Theories

Resident Evil Shadows Of Rose DLC: Top 10 Reddit Theories
Resident Evil Shadows Of Rose DLC: Top 10 Reddit Theories

Capcom’s announcement of a gold edition of Resident Evil: Town has fans excited for a new third-person story mode and an addition of Mercenaries with Alcina Dimitrescu and Heisenburg.

It also revealed the shades of pink DLC, where players can finally see what happens after the epilogue of RA:8 with Rose Winters. the trailer of shades of pink led many gamers to theorize and speculate on what will happen in the DLC and what that means for Winter’s story arc in Resident Evil 9.


10 Resident Evil 9 will be a prequel to the DLC

Blue umbrella symbol and Chris Redfield

There is a long time lag between the end of ED: 8 and the prologue: 16 years, confirms the trailer. This time span is the longest the series has ever had, so it’s not hard to imagine that a lot has happened between the time Rose was a baby and the time she grew up. This time slot would be the perfect place to set the events of RA:9.

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It’s possible that the next game will take place right after Ethan’s death. reddit user Tthig1 wrote, “RE9 will probably take place before shades of pink. As a result, anything to do with future stories (like Blue Umbrella) should already be resolved by the time the DLC happens, so they’ll probably try not to mention anything in the wider universe to avoid spoilers.” If this is true , there could be hints or easter eggs in the DLC that would help players through RA:9.

9 That Resident Evil 9 won’t be about Rose

There are many predictions on Reddit about Resident Evil 9, including this one. Given the SR:7 Y RE:8 followed Ethan’s story, with the latter leaving players on a cliffhanger regarding Rose, the only conclusion players can come to is that RA:9 Rose’s story will continue. But since his progression seems to take place in a DLC, it’s more likely that RA:9 will be adjacent to Rose or just include her as a supporting character.

It’s also possible that your story is important to the game, but not integral. reddit user silent wills speculated as much in a reddit thread regarding shades of pinkcommenting, “Capcom is definitely laying the groundwork for a new generation of protagonists, not necessarily [Rose]but Chris, Leon and company will have to retire or become mentors. If this is so, maybe Rose will be a quick playable character like Sherry was in the D:2 Redo.

8 That Resident Evil 9 will include Rose

Cover of Resident Evil Village Shadow of Rose

Many players love the story of the Winters; it’s hard not to fall a little in love with the Winters and their tragic history. After seeing what Eveline was capable of and seeing how far Ethan went for the love of his daughter, some fans are hoping that Rose will be included as part of the main cast of characters.

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Echoing these sentiments, reddit user OperatorWolfie wrote “I don’t want Winters’ story to end, I like them, I want Rose to eventually join the main cast of RE alongside Chris, Leon, Claire, Jill Ada…” If Rose does end up joining the cast, it will be interesting to see how her abilities help, or possibly even hinder, their efforts against the monsters.

7 The DLC will lean heavily towards psychological horror

Resident Evil Village Rose Powers

The trailer didn’t reveal too much, but it does seem to imply that most of the events will take place in Rose’s mind. ED: 8 played on the psychological horror and players got to see the horrific effects of Eveline’s mind control on Rose’s parents and the Baker family.

But demonic residentone of the best zombie survival horror games, it’s more blood and guts with some scares and suspense. Reddit user bag of small fries was skeptical, commenting, “I don’t know if Capcom will be able to take a psychological horror angle. The combat and story weigh quite heavily against the psychological elements.” Regardless, there is sure to be some psychological horror, whether stemming from Rose’s own fears or from other antagonists.

6 eveline will come back

Child Eveline in Resident Evil 7

As far as users know, Eveline died during the Baker house incident in ED: 7. However, she may have somehow survived. Since the source of Rose’s power was the megamycete, many players have theorized that her consciousness might have somehow survived in the web of mushrooms.

The trailer shows Rose meeting a girl who is her spitting image. Commenting on this scene, Reddit user Apprehensive_Nose_38 he wrote “…in my mind it’s obviously going to be a memory-type version of Evelyn, they’re both connected to the cast.” They go on to illustrate that “Evelyn and the mystery girl have the same black dress.”

5 rose is eveline

Eveline attacks Mia in Resident Evil VII.

in a shades of pink thread on the Resident Evil Forum, Reddit user phenomenal_12 speculated that Rose could be Eveline, enthusiastically writing “what if, if she’s Eveline [?]If the megamycete was able to connect Eveline’s mind with others, it may have been able to pass her consciousness onto Rose.

Since both Mia and Ethan were exposed to the mold prior to Rose’s conception, it is possible that she inherited Eveline’s consciousness along with hers, or is a reincarnated version of her. If this is true, it makes Rose’s anger at being called “Eveline” even creepier; maybe, deep down, Rose is aware of Eveline and is trying to keep that part of herself contained.

4 The 4 Lords will return

re village lady dimitrescu 2.5d

The trailer clearly shows Rose walking inside the luxurious Dimitrescu Castle, exploring its rooms and corridors. Briefly, it also shows the Baron and glowing cryptic warnings telling Rose to go away. The Duke also makes an appearance, opening possibilities to other characters who were in RE: 8.

reddit user Harbardos speculated: “Possibly, isn’t taking place inside the megamycete so that the lords have somehow been preserved”. Since fungi are often credited with the ability to communicate (at least with each other) and have a kind of consciousness, it is possible that the megamycete had “stored” the 4 lords somehow So maybe Rose will have to relive some of the scariest moments at Castle Dimitrescu.

3 Rose will try to bring Ethan back.

Ethan Winters from the Resident Evil series brandishing a knife.

In the epilogue of ED: 8Rose’s handler claims that she looks a lot like her father. Rose, with a small smile, replies “I know”. Some players have interpreted this to mean that Rose may still be connected to her father, perhaps through the cast. It’s hard to imagine how she can be so sure of being like her father, unless she knows him somehow.

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It is possible that Rose will fit into the mold and begin the search for her father. reddit user _Gemini_Dream_ posits “The reused setting is because she is actively moving through the memories of various people stored in the megamycete, including her father.” If this is the direction the DLC is going to take, then it will be exciting to see Ethan again and see father and daughter reunited.

two The duke will be evil this time

Resident Evil Village: Why The Duke Is The Best New Character In RE8

It is known that The Duke, one of the best characters in Resident Evil: Village, was originally slated to be a fifth lord, but his character was later changed to be a merchant. In the DLC, the Duke Rose he interacts with may not be the real version of him: he may be a memory, or he may be a fragment of himself.

Assuming the Duke was originally a lord, Reddit user little rudiger he says “…it’s just some of his worst traits left inside the megamycete. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was once under Miranda’s influence, but he broke free and these are just remnants.” This would explain why the Duke acts as an antagonist in the trailer, calling Rose “…a new bunny to chase.”

1 Rose will have to make a decision

Resident Evil Village Pink Teen

“I want to live a normal life,” says Rose in the trailer. Her desire for normality leads her to the megamycete, where she may be able to get rid of the mold. But her connection to the megamycete may not be the only connection she has. If she decides to be normal and get rid of him and her supposed powers, she may lose her father forever.

reddit user ShadyOjir he believes that Rose’s story could end this way, commenting “…I feel like she’ll get to a point where she’ll realize that saying goodbye to her powers is saying goodbye to Ethan’s memories…” Furthermore, if Ethan is still in the mold, Rose might have to decide between getting her father back completely and having a normal life.

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