Minecraft YouTuber Skeppy Posts a Heartfelt Tribute to Technoblade

Skeppy, a Minecraft YouTuber and close friend of Technoblade, recently took to YouTube to post a heartfelt tribute to the streamer, who passed away a few days ago.

He thanked the star wholeheartedly and offered his condolences to his family. Unsurprisingly, millions of viewers joined Skeppy in paying tribute to the streaming sensation.

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Popular Minecraft streamer Alex “Technoblade”, known for his fun-filled streams, recently passed away after losing a lengthy battle with stage 4 cancer at the tender age of 23.

The tragic news came as a tremendous shock to the Minecraft community. Several high-profile fans and creators from the gaming space, including Dream, Pokimane, and more, took to their respective platforms to express their sadness and grief over the heartbreaking news.

Skeppy Mourns the Death of Minecraft Technoblade Star

In an emotional video titled “So long, nerds,” shared on July 1, 2022, Alex’s father announced the tragic news of his son’s death to his 12.9 million subscribers, leaving the community in grief. and intense pain.

As you can already imagine, the clip went viral on the internet, gathering more than 1.7 million likes within hours of going public. Millions of fans, supporters, and creators weighed in to address Alex’s unfortunate passing.

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Skeppy, one of the most popular Minecraft streamers, knew Technoblade very well. Being from the same gaming community, the two streamers had a great relationship with each other. In a dedicated YouTube video, the Minecraft streamer expressed how the news of his friend’s sudden passing came to him.

In addition, he shared some of the experiences he had with Techno and how he met the streamer and received an invitation to his party. Despite being a new addition to the Minecraft industry, Skeppy mentioned how the Minecraft legend helped him grow his career.

Expressing his intense love and respect for Alex and his incredible gaming skills at a young age, the streamer noted:

“Technoblade, I will miss you very, very much. Ever since I heard the news, it has affected me greatly, in the same way that I know everyone I know has been affected by this. I have many stories and experiences that I would like to share, but I want Make this as short as possible.”

Sharing his first interaction with the star, Skeppy further added:

“Technoblade was the best, I swear to God. I don’t have a bad memory with Techno. I still can’t fully process it. I first met Technoblade on one of their Skywars live streams. I can’t remember how long ago it was, but what I do know is that I was like the new kid on the block at the time and I wanted to get Technoblade’s attention so I started spamming their YouTube live stream chat and I guess it worked.”

Finally, he mentioned how much he respects Technoblade for their dedication to Minecraft and content creation in general. The streamer even highlighted how the popular personality changed, uplifted, inspired and illuminated his life, always motivating him to do better.

He ended the tribute video on a positive note, revealing how Alex used to be extremely happy and positive all the time despite being bedridden, and how he strove to be like the Minecraft legend.

Fans react to Skeppy tribute

Unsurprisingly, Skeppy’s YouTube video blew up as thousands of viewers from all corners of the internet agreed with him and expressed their appreciation for Alex. They talked about how he was always one of the most positive men in the room and how he always gave back to the community.

Fan reaction on YouTube video (Image via Skeppy/YouTube)
Fan reaction on YouTube video (Image via Skeppy/YouTube)
Fan reaction on YouTube video (Image via Skeppy/YouTube)
Fan reaction on YouTube video (Image via Skeppy/YouTube)

People even talked about how he made everyone extremely happy with his funny jokes live and how other gamers, despite being in one of the competitive industries, respected him for his unparalleled skills in Minecraft and various other games.


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