Infinity Ward’s RPG should be a continuation of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Extinction Mode

Infinity Ward’s RPG should be a continuation of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Extinction Mode

For more than a decade, infinity guardian has exclusively developed Obligations games and content. As such, it was a bit of a surprise when job postings revealed that Infinity Ward’s Poland branch is hiring a narrative director for an open-world RPG. While many would probably be interested in what a non-Obligations could look like Infinity Ward’s game, it can be argued that this game is an extension of an underrated co-op built by the studio.

Weather Call of Duty: Ghosts Often seen as one of the worst entries in the blockbuster franchise, Extinction was a solid co-op offering with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the mode never reached the heights of Obligations Zombies, probably because fans wanted it to be more similar to Treyarch’s co-op offering. However, its story was solid and its ending could set up an interesting spin-off game that is very different from what Obligations usually like.


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What was Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode?

Instead of being round-based like Zombies usually is, Extinction offered challenging missions based on replayability. Players choose from one of four classes, filling a specific role in each match, with additional weapons acquired as the game progresses. The enemies came in the form of the Cryptids, an invading alien race that was made up of several different enemy types, such as the massive Rhino and the flying Gargoyles.

As the name suggests, the story focuses on the world’s attempt to fight the unstoppable Cryptids, and these battles ultimately prove futile. In the final map, players fight to send a shuttle into space and succeed. While the Cryptids returned during the infinity war Zombies map Beast from Beyond, the game focused on the mission of Extinction has not been reviewed. However, the Cryptids and the ruined land of Extinction’s final map could provide the perfect enemies and setting for Infinity Ward’s open-world RPG.

An open world RPG set in The Extinction Universe could work well

When it comes to the protagonist in a hypothetical Extinction game, Infinity Ward has a few options. It could retell the death of the super-powered Samantha Cross, who died off-screen on an icy planet before the events of infinity warThe Beast from Beyond. If Cross were brought back, players would be able to unlock new powers for her, upgrading them through skill trees like those normally seen in RPGs. Another option would see players control a random survivor trapped in the post-apocalyptic land filled with cryptids.

The Infinity Ward RPG could be something similar to the Meter series, with players needing to search for ammunition and weapons in a world dominated by terrifying monsters. All of the Cryptid variants seen on the Extinction maps could be brought back, as well as new variants of the monsters for players to fight. For example, it’s easy to imagine boss battles against the mode’s mammoths, forcing players to strategize and spend a lot of their hard-earned resources.

Wandering around a world completely overrun by hostile aliens could be interesting, and still allow Infinity Ward to do something new. connection to Call of Duty: Ghosts and the franchise as a whole would be very limited, with players able to jump right in and experience the game with no prior knowledge of Extinction. See ruined monuments like the White House, the Eiffel Tower, etc. it would be exciting, and the Cryptids could be developed more than ever. While Extinction will likely remain forgotten, and this open-world RPG from infinity guardian could be something completely unrelated Obligationscould also be a fun way to recover Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ the most underrated content.

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