How to Easily Farm Glow Berries in Minecraft 1.19 Update

How to Easily Farm Glow Berries in Minecraft 1.19 Update

Glow Berries is an interesting item for Minecraft. While they have become synonymous with Lush Cave since version 1.18, they were actually added before Lush Cave as random loot that could be obtained from mineshaft caves.

Used for food, light sources, and to breed foxes, these berries are quite useful to players, and luckily, they can be farmed.

And while some resources can be quite difficult or annoying to farm, glow berries are not one of them. They can be farmed quite easily, as detailed below.

The easiest way to grow glow berries in Minecraft 1.19

Where to get glow berries

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As mentioned above, players have a chance to find Glow Berries in chests found in abandoned mineshafts. There is a 38.7% chance that these chests will contain between three and six glow berries.

Abandoned mineshafts aren’t the only place in Minecraft, however, glowing berries can be found as loot. The new old towns, added in Minecraft 1.19, also contain such chests. These have a 23.2% chance of containing 1 to 15 Glow Berries.

However, it is not necessary to find glow berries through chest loot. They can be found growing on vines that hang from the ceiling of lush caves. For Bedrock players, using a Silk Touch enchanted tool on a vine will always drop a glow berry, even if the vine appears empty. It is important to note that the Fortune enchantment has no impact on the number of berries that are dropped.

What are glow berries used for?

Foxes, which can be bred with glow berries (Image via Minecraft)
Foxes, which can be bred with glow berries (Image via Minecraft)

Glow Berries have a multitude of uses in Minecraft. The first and most obvious use is as a food source. Berries will restore two levels of hunger, represented by a hunger icon, as well as 0.4 saturation points.

Glow Berries can also be used as light sources as each glows, hence the name. These berries emit a level 14 light, making them a very bright light source comparable to torches.

A minor use for glow berries is composting. This means that players can place glow berries in a composter to get bone meal. Each one placed in a composter has a 30% chance that the compost level will increase by one.

The last and one of the most important uses of glow berries is for fox breeding. Foxes are similar to cats, in the way that player movement can scare them away. The resulting baby fox will trust the player and will not run away from them.

How to grow glow berries

A lush cave, where players can find glowing berries (Image via Minecraft)
A lush cave, where players can find glowing berries (Image via Minecraft)

Glow Berries can be placed at the bottom of most blocks. This will turn the berry into a vine, from which more can grow when new vines spawn below the initial vine. Such vines have a maximum length of 26 blocks, and each newly grown piece has a one in nine chance of producing glowing berries.

Using bone meal on an empty vine will turn it into a glow berry vine, which means a bone meal can be turned directly into a glow berry.

How to get bone meal

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Since Bone Meals are important for easily obtaining large amounts of Glow Berries, it’s critical for players to know how to access them.

The bones can be made into three bone meals per piece, which means that any bone source, renewable or not, is a good source. This means that mob farms and dungeon farms with skeleton spawners are good sources of bone. Additionally, there are fossil structures that are made up of blocks of bones that can be made into bones and then into bone meal.

Java Edition players can get bone meal by killing any of the fish monsters, such as cod, salmon, tropical fish, and puffer fish. They all have a five percent chance to drop a bonemeal upon death. In the Bedrock edition of the game, these fish drop a bone, which can then be turned into three bone meal.

Another method of obtaining bone meal, exclusive to the Bedrock Edition, is through the wandering trader. These traveling villagers will sell three bonemeals for one emerald.

When a composter is completely full, a single bone meal will drop the next time the player interacts with the composter.

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