Fortnite CEO Teases Creative 2.0 Tentative Release Date

Fortnite CEO Teases Creative 2.0 Tentative Release Date

All eyes are on Tim Sweeney as Fortnite players have been patiently waiting for any information on the highly anticipated Creative 2.0 update. According to prominent Fortnite leakers ShiinaBR and Hypex, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney says that Creative 2.0 is coming this year, but it won’t be soon.

A few hours ago, Tim Sweeney stated that Creative 2.0 will still be released this year, but not “soon”. While we already knew it would be released this year, this statement gives us a better estimate of the release window, which is Q4. 2022 (October-December).(via @HYPEX)

They went on to say that the announcement of its launch this year is not exactly news. Most gamers who had been keeping an eye on these developments knew that it looked like Creative 2.0 would be released this year.

However, the statement that it won’t be released anytime soon helps narrow down the timeline. Fortnite players can probably expect the massive update to arrive sometime towards the end of the year, perhaps in October, November, or December.

Fortnite Creative 2.0 release date almost confirmed – here’s what the update could have

There isn’t much official information available about the 2.0 update, though leakers and other players have plenty of ideas about what the update may entail.

One thing that is important to note is that the initial version of Creative 2.0 will probably not be the full version. Veteran gamers may recall that the first version of Creative was not at all what it has become.

Since then, new gadgets and abilities have been introduced, and Fortnite players can expect the same thing to happen whenever 2.0 arrives.

Creative 2.0 could possibly be in first person view instead of the typical third person view that Fortnite currently has. Leakers recently noted that Epic was working on a first-person point of view, so it could be added to the creative update.

FIRST-PERSON CAMERA IN FORTNITE 🔥 This update Epic started working on some things about the first-person camera mode, but there’s no more information about it at this time, as it looks like it’s still in early development. It would work VERY well for Zero Build modes 👀

One of the biggest difficulties players have with creative mode is editing. Whether it’s deleting, copying, or adjusting, it’s usually much more challenging than it should be. 2.0 could fix those longstanding problems.

Rumors are that 2.0 will allow multiple players to create together. This would allow for multiplayer worlds where players can work together or build their own things separately in the same space.

There’s also a good chance it’s the terrain edit. This has been something that many creators wanted for a long time, since the terrain is generally the same in all stages.

Current Creative (Image via Epic Games)
Current Creative (Image via Epic Games)

More than likely this will completely revamp Creative and make it something completely different from what it currently is, which many loopers are eagerly awaiting.

There will also likely be several new gadgets, including the highly anticipated chair gadget that can turn just about anything in the world into a seat for players. This would be helpful for maps that don’t have a lot of interaction (like the Soundwave series maps).

There will be much more to the update, and more information is likely to come out as the tentative release date gets closer. Aside from what Tim Sweeney said regarding the release date, all of this information is speculative and based on leaks or fan theories. Very little has been officially confirmed by Epic Games, and fans should take this information with a grain of salt.

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