8 games that take place in a building or ship

There are many different approaches video game developers can take when it comes to their environment. Some like to create giant open worlds that contain many different areas. At the other end of the spectrum are those who prefer to place it in a single highly detailed location.

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There are advantages to both methods. However, there is something special about great titles that are set in one place. You really get to know the location, whether it’s a house, a station, a facility, or whatever. And that familiarity often helps make it feel like a real place rather than a video game level. These are the best games to use only one locale.


8 Prey (2017) – Talos 1

In 2017’s Prey, you play as Morgan Yu, who is part of a science team investigating a hostile alien force known as Typhon. Unsurprisingly, things quickly go awry when the creatures escape confinement.

During the alien’s moment of freedom, you are knocked out. When you wake up, the space station you are working on (Talos 1) is almost devoid of human life. You are free to look around the different areas that make up the large station. The purpose of your quest is to find answers, survivors, and any way to get rid of the Typhoon.

7 Dead Space – USG Ishimura

There are plenty of great third-person survival games out there, and Dead Space is one of the best. One way it manages to stand out from the likes of Resident Evil and Silent Hill is that it’s set in a spaceship. The ship is called the USG Ishimura.

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The ship’s crew probably tested the belief that “in space no one can hear you scream” when the place was infested with violent creatures called Necromorphs. The monsters embarked on a killing spree prior to the events of the game. In the title, you have to explore every inch of the ship to find the girlfriend of the protagonist Issac Clarke.

6 Stanley’s parable: an empty office

The Stanley Parable is a unique and hilarious game that takes place in an empty office building. The only person who works there is you, Stanley. So he set out to explore the rest of the building, which turned out to be very different from a typical office space. The voice of actor Kevan Brighting accompanies you as he narrates every action you take.

Your adventure can go many different ways, depending on your decisions. And once you reach one conclusion, the game encourages you to reset and aim to find another.

5 Resident Evil – Spencer Mansion

The first Resident Evil games took place in a somewhat finite area. The original game is the best example of this as it is set in a mansion. However, it is not a normal mansion, as this one is filled with all kinds of gadgets, items, and monsters.

The main characters find themselves trapped in the building after escaping from a pack of zombified dogs in the opening cutscene. From then on, you must explore the mansion by going from room to room. Along the way, you’ll learn important information about who’s behind it all. In addition, you will solve a litany of puzzles that will help you escape from the horrible place.

4 Control – Oldest House

The entire main story of Control takes place at the headquarters of the government organization known as the FBC. At first glance, that sounds pretty boring. However, the Oldest House is actually one of the most exciting and strange places in video game history.

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The place constantly changes and transforms throughout the adventure. So much so that it’s not always clear if you’re still in the building. However, the rarity of the location is not the main threat in the game. The real troublemakers are all the strange beings known as Hiss, who are infecting the inhabitants of the Oldest House. Your job is to rid the place of them.

3 Portal 2 – Aperture Science Facility

At the end of the first Portal, Chell escaped the hellish Aperture Science Facility and the evil AI that ran the place. However, the victory was short-lived, as the protagonist is trapped inside the high-tech facility once again during Portal 2.

This time around, you see a lot more of the place, which is now quite run down, as you complete various portal-based puzzles to appease the wacky AIs. Your ultimate goal is the same as before: get out of this horrible place.

two Batman: Arkham Asylum – Arkham Asylum

At the start of the first Arkham game, it looks like your mission is already a success, as Batman has the Joker and is locking him up in Arkham Asylum. However, things quickly change when he turns out to be a ruse. The Clown Prince of Crime breaks free of his bonds and quickly takes over the asylum with the help of his allies.

You, in the role of Batman, have to stop the cruel villain and recover the facilities. During the getaway, you roam the asylum while fighting thugs and taking on captivating villains.

An island sounds too big to be considered a place. However, the place is essentially just a large nuclear waste disposal facility, or at least, that’s all you see of the island. In the original Metal Gear Solid, the facility has been taken over by a rogue special ops team called the Foxhound. Your mission is to sneak into the place and put an end to their plans.

Since this is Metal Gear, things get complicated quickly and you have to overcome many obstacles to get the job done. Along the way, you travel to many different parts of the elegant facility.

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